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[NA-Klaipeda] TOS Support Guild Community Thread!

Hello! This is Selenelions, former Vice Guild Master for [Klaipeda] TOS Support Guild! We’ve decided to make this thread to post occasional updates and fun goings-on within Klaipeda’s TOS Support Guild!

TOS Support Guild is a Guild created by GM, and most new/returning players are automatically enrolled. Elected Vice Guild Masters are responsible for managing/maintaining TOS Support Guild. If you are playing on [NA Klaipeda], [NA Klaipeda] TOS Support Guild is a community open to all players! Feel free to join our guild or just hangout with us. We look forward to seeing you in game, on our Discord server ( ), and here on the forum!

Current Vice Guild Masters:

*If you are enrolled in TOS Support Guild and would like to leave, open Guild menu with Alt+G, find your name, right click, and “Leave Guild”. (Note: to scroll through guild list you may need to use mouse wheel)

**future VGM, if you’d like this post edited, feel free to message me!


March 26, 2022: Roxona Guild Mission!

By being the first to answer the NPCs equation, 7+3-4+2=?, iEgress won a Boruta Seal! Let’s give a round of applause to iEgress!




Congratulations, Math Wiz iEgress, and better luck next time, HikaGeGe! XD


March 26, 2022: Card party! Zaura even made an appearance, but he turned out to be camera shy!

A special thanks to our special guest appearances!! :smiley:

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March 26, 2022: Giltine guild mission! It was a chaotic fight, and many people died – but we were victorious, and we all had fun !!!

And here are our post-victory celebration pictures!

And a special word of wisdom from our very own HikaGeGe! XD


March 30, 2022: Gele Plateau Guild Mission!

Nilfgaard won a Guinea Pig pet! Cute guinea pig!! Congratulations!


March 31, 2022: Ruklys Street Guild Mission!

Zroni won a Boruta Seal for being the fastest with the correct answer! Grats, Zroni!


April 1, 2022 we vanquished both Boruta and Giltine!

I may have died to Shadow Condensation while taking this screenshot. Maybe I didn’t. XD

Here is our victory picture after beating both!

As you can see, Panda Mafia has been sighted in Klaipeda Server. I wonder who these mystetious players are…

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April 6, 2022: Gele Plateau: Operation Save a Guinea Pig success!
Here’s a picture when all of us got stuck in the same tornado!

And here’s Karni and his new guinea pig! Congratulations, Karni! Don’t let your new pet eat all the Dilgeles!


April 8, 2022: Boruta Guild Battle! We were two minutes faster than last week!

April 8, 2022: Giltine Guild Battle! I forgot to look to note long it took last week. o3o

Eggy and Hiccup discussing aggro before battle:
A surprise Avataras appears!

As always, here is our victory photo!

And some words of wisdom from Sniffles and eerreerr!

How will we do on Boruta and Giltine next week? Will Panda Mafia recruit any new members? Will Sniffles join the battles again!? Tune in next week to find out! :smiley:


Hello, TOS Community! It’s time for another update as to the goings-on of [NA] Klaipeda TOS Support Guild!

On April 12th we went to Gele Plateau again to try to rescue another Guinea Pig! After 3 attempts, we hadn’t managed to rescue one, but we did avoid the whirlwinds this week!

April 15 was another round of battles with Boruta and Giltine! We were two minutes faster fighting Boruta this week, and one minute faster in fighting Giltine!

And as always, our celebratory victory photo at Pradzia Temple!

How peculiar… Sniffles and Panda Mafia were nowhere to be seen this week…

Finally, on April 16, more Card Party! We had a few visitors from other guilds, and lots of players showed up.

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Hello again, Saviors! Is it time for another update already!? :smiley:

On April 20th, we did Roxona Underground Facility guild mission! For being the fastest to answer the math equation, Hika and Eradrial won prizes!

April 21st it was time for Gele Plateau guild mission! To make up for last week’s failed rescue, this week we rescued TWO guinea pigs, who were adopted by Raveioli and Eradrial!

Raveioli’s guinea pig is hiding in a bush – must be shy. I can’t even find Erad’s guinea pig – must be even shyer!

April 23rd was time for the big Boruta and Giltine battles! Everyone’s getting so strong! We were almost 5 minutes faster defeating Boruta, and 3 minutes faster defeating Giltine!

And as always, our victory photo!

Some bonuses for the week:
An extra mad and enraged White Witch!

and some wisdom from Sasy, talking about ET/Solmiki!

Thanks for tuning in for another update for this week’s [Klaipeda] TOS Support Guild activities, and tune in next week for more!


Hello again, TOS Community! Once again I am bringing you the weekly highlights of [Klaipeda] TOS Support Guild! It’s a pretty brief one this week!

Boruta and the victor photo! This week we added 10 minutes to our clear time from last week. XD

Giltine and the victory photo! We added 5 minutes to the clear time this week. XD

Also this week, an age-old question!

Hello again, Saviors! Selenelions back with another weekly update!

Three Gele Plateau rescue missions, and all attempts failed. We did not manage to save a Guinea Pig this week. D:

Another round of Boruta this week! We felled this fearsome foe two minutes faster than last week!

After, another fight with Giltine! We took about the same aamount of time to be victorious this week as last. o3o


Panda Mafia is back, and… is that… BUNNY Mafia!? Stay tuned for more!

As bonuses this week, Angelium missed our photo, and Eerie was nice enough to add her! See if you can spot Angelium in this picture! XD

And finally, some words of wisdom from Hika!

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Hello! An unexpected midweek update appears!
Today (May 11, 2022), Klaipeda TOS Support Guild did 3x Roxona Underground Facility!

For being the fastest to answer the puzzle’s equation, Archons, Sparrow, and eerie won Boruta Seals! Congratulations, mathletes!

Hmm. Well, eerie may be a math wiz, but doesn’t seem to be a cartographer… XD


Hello again, Saviors! It’s another photo recap of the weekly Boruta/Giltine fight!

Another fight with Boruta! This week we shaved off 1 minute from our time last week! [Klaipeda] TOSSG members sure are strong…

Then we moved onto Giltine, where we also shaved off a minute compared to last week! Giltine might be scary, but [Klaipeda] TOSSG is scarier!

And as always, our victory photo!

Arta had something to say about people dying to Shadow Condensation… XD
Maybe Boruta brought a false sense of security, XD

This week we saw Bunny Mafia, Panda Mafia, and… BunDa Mafia!? This is just getting weirder and weirder.

I wonder what will happen at cards tomorrow… !

this is so goood and this should be what every vice gm do
not poaching TSG member to their actual guild :ok_hand:t6: :ok_hand:t6:

Hello, again, TOS Community! It’s time for another [Klaipeda] TOS Support Guild Recap!

Another week, another set of Gele Plateau missions (May 19, 2022)! Three runs, and this week we did save a Guinea Pig! However, we’ve come to learn that Plateau Wind is the scariest boss in the mission – maybe even the game! XD

Another Card Party on May 20, 2022!

And finally, another spooky battle with Giltine/Avataras on May 20, 2022! We were much faster this week, taking 2 minutes off our previous clear time!

Our Victory Photo!

And a special, fancy victory photo (thanks to HikaGeGe)!

Tomorrow, Boruta!

May 21, 2022 was another Boruta battle! We were faster by 30 seconds this week!

I don’t have a fancy victory photo to share, though. D:

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Today (May 25, 2022) was GM’s Request Event with GM Lemon!

We learned a lot about GM Lemon today! o3o
Like GM lemon doesn’t like lemons. o.o!

And GM Lemon doesn’t have a pet, but wants a cat!!

GM Lemon’s favorite class in Tree of Savior is Cleric! :smiley:

GM Lemon also has a nickname for Baubas! XD

And GM Lemon eats Popolion! O__O

Thank you for the event, GM Lemon!!!


Hello again Saviors! Once again, I bring you a (post-holiday) update!

Another week, another round of TOSSG Boruta+Giltine (May 27, 2022)! This week, Boruta took 2 minutes longer than last week, and Giltine took one minute longer!

Our victory photo as usual!

No Hika this week, and no fancy photo this week. D:
Hopefully next week cameraman Hika is around. : D

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