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[NA-Klaipeda] TOS Support Guild Community Thread!

Once again I am back with a semi-delayed update!

On June 1, 2022, [Klaipeda] TOS Support Guild did Roxona Market mission, where Arta won a Boruta Seal for answering the equation first!

Later in the week, on June 4, it was time for another round of Boruta+Giltine! For Boruta we were 30 seconds faster than last week, and for Giltine we were a minute faster!

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Hello, Saviors!
Another week, another round of fighting baddies on behalf of the Goddesses and also for loots!

June 9th marked another victory over Giltine! Although we took a minute longer than last week, we still got it done! >:D

June 11th was time to square off against Boruta! We managed to beat him 1min30s faster than last week! >:O

[Klaipeda] TOS Support Guild members are getting really good! Just check out gyosa and eerie!

Hello again, Saviors! I hope this week treated you well! :smiley:

On June 16, we went to Gele Plateau guild mission to try to save a Hamtaro. After 3 attempts, our rescue was successful! I can’t wait to see our new friend in our quiet hangout!

June 17 was another round of Boruta+Giltine! For Boruta, we were almost a minute faster than last week, and for Giltine we were a minute and 30 seconds faster (bringing our Giltine clear under 5 minutes)!

I haven’t seen Bunny Mafia, Panda Mafia, or Bunda Mafia lately. How peculiar…
Till next week, Saviors!


Hello, Saviors! It’s me, Selenelions, back with another weekly update for [Klaipeda] TOS Support Guild!

We’re back at it again fighting Boruta and Giltine! Boruta took a minute longer than last week, and Giltine took about the same time. How peculiar. Also, if you look in the Boruta screenshot, is that… Bunny Mafia!?

I just missed Abataras in the weekly screenshot. Sorry. @x@

And remember! If you ever need motivation, TOS Support Guild VGMs are here to help!

Another week, another late update on our weekly goings-on at [Klaipeda] TOS Support Guild!

Another round with the fearsome foe Boruta this week! Bunny Mafia appears again, and Support Guild vanquishes Boruta in the same time as last week!

I can see Panda Mafia in the Giltine fight, and it took us 30 seconds longer to clear this week.

A special fancy photo courtesy of Sasy! Thanks, Sasy!!