[NA - Klaipeda] Innocence


Welcome to the recruitment page of Innocence! Below you will find everything you need to know about the guild.

[details=About us] Innocence is a guild created in Klaipeda of the North American server. We are an honest and humble guild that prides itself on playing the game with as little problems as possible. It is fundamental that that this game should be played honestly and innocently. roll credits It is a guild that tries to do as much as this game allows while straying away from all sources of drama around. We’re very keen on getting a guild where everyone enjoys everyone else’s company.

Creation Date: 6/11/17


Motivation for Creating the Guild

This game has gone through some tough times. Trying to refrain from white knighting IMC as much as possible, problems in the form of bugs, exploits, afk farming, and much more run rampant in the game on regular basis. Whether or not that is the fault of IMC or just purely from the players themselves is subject to interpretation. However it seems that most problems that players conduct are completely justified by them since “everyone else does it”. So I wanted to create a space in which all of that was strictly outlawed. One where people could play with others in the guild without wondering if their entire money supply was bought with dollars or done through exploits of any kind. Innocence becomes a community in which that is realized.

[details=Core Tenets of the Guild] This is primarily a social guild that is able to tackle on high level events as well. Whether it is dailies or ET/Solmiki or leveling alts or just enjoying life in town all day socializing, Innocence does it all! We are strictly against any and all questionable behaviors in game. We are a guild that plays the game the way it was intended, free from all the exploits of everyone and everything around us. Thus, any sort of behavior that grants an unfair advantage over others, whether that be botting, rmting, afk farming, multiple set ups, etc. will not be tolerated. Laima is watching and will cry if you do.

tl;dr This guild is very strict on any form of behavior that provides unfair advantages over others.

[details=Criteria for Joining] Honestly, I think everyone should be allowed to join. If you’re a new player with a day of experience but will play regularly, you’re more than welcome to join in and someone will help you through as you can easily get to max level within a few days if not a week or two if you try. If you are a veteran that’s been playing since beta with multiple 330s and a full solmiki set, you’re also very much welcome. What’s more important than your ability ingame is your personality outside of it. If you aren’t a good fit for us and don’t embody the principles of the guild, you will not be allowed to join. Once GvG again becomes a thing, I would request that everyone have a character for GvG that they can use. I do wish that those that join be able to play on a regularly basis. Casual players are fine but if you’re playing once a week, then there’s a problem. I strongly recommend that all members have Discord available as that is just such a useful tool for communicating. It is also the place I will be posting all sorts of information that will be useful to both new members and veterans alike. Those in the guild range from all sorts of time zones so we are by no means restricted to only those in NA. But know that those in more obscure time zones might see not always see certain people if they are 12 hours apart for example. Guild members should just in general be a good enough person to help out others in the guild. To paraphrase a certain old man, “We’re not desperate for more members, we simply want good ones.”

tl;dr Be a decent person and you should be more than welcome to come join!

[details=What we do] Well long story short, everything. If possible that is. Dailies and leveling of course will be here.
It’s also a great place to trade items and such among others. Having a guild just makes the experience of ToS so much better. New Players can relish in all the information around that can be accessed through asking our more experienced members and veterans has a place to look for dailies, get to know people, and in general, have more of a wholesome social experience while playing! Those interested can also participate in ET and solmiki parties as well. Farming, gear grinding, and alting are all better when there’s people to share it with! I will try to hold as much events as I can in the form of movie/game nights, ingame events, picture taking, etc. to those interested. GvG will be conducted if and when that ever comes back. All in all, we try to do everything this game has to offer. Guinea pigs will be given out as well to those interested as well!

Guess which one is me. (Hint: I’m the closest thing to the camera.)


[details=Criteria for Expulsion. Aka Rules.] Obviously, as shown through the motivation for the creation, one must be completely free of all forms of problematic behavior. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. RMT ing of any kind
  2. Afk farming (whether that be with necromancers or pet farming)
  3. Knowingly and Willingly participating in exploiting behavior (gem abrasive planting, dpk farming, etc)
  4. Creating unnecessary drama in the form of trolling or otherwise (taunts in shout, harassing other members)
  5. Creating multiple accounts to trade silver/items/rmt/etc to your main account
  6. Using third party botting or macroing software to expedite processes.

This list is tentative and if it changes I will reflect the changes as soon as I can and voice my disconcern for it. If any of this becomes a problem, you will be let go without any remorse. If you have any questions of the rules, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’ll gladly discuss my motivation for all them and save you guys the wall of text/rant that I could be posting here. Although I doubt you’d get in the guild if you performed these tasks before, if you manage to get in and get caught doing such things, you can and will face the grim reaper.

Plus, you will be kicked.


[details=About the Guild Leader~] Hi everyone! I’m Hinata Kogame. You can call me koga, kogame, hinata, or hina. I’ve been playing this game since founders and have stocked up on about 25 or so characters. Most of them are in their r8s by now. I got about 3000 hours logged which is little compared to some but I strictly don’t afk, so my time is fairly representative of my true play time. My favorite part of this game by far is the amount of customization you can do and theory crafting builds to see what works. I’d like to think of myself as a veteran of the game. I’ve been part of two guilds in the past, Wildfire and Ravens, both of whom I had problems with based on conflicting opinions as outlined earlier. I will make mistakes but am always open to discussion on different builds, helping out newbies, doing high level content, or just hanging out. I take fairness and innocence very seriously as can be shown by me making this guild. I hope we get along~

How to Find me in order of response time:

  • Find me on discord (discord name - kogame Hinata#2800)
  • Find me ingame (team name - kogame)
  • Reply to this message

credits to poppet

If you’re interested in joining, please don’t hesitate to contact me! If you want to join, let me know a little about yourself. What your team name is, maybe a few characters you may have, your motivations for joining, and what you hope to achieve in this guild.

Come and join the experience!

[LFG] Klaipeda | Looking for a Mature, Friendly, Somewhat Competitive Guild
English player (no longer) looking for guild
Looking for a guild!

Hey I would be interested in joining with a friend (possibly with 2).

I’d prefer to fill out the rest in-game or in discord if that’s ok? (I’ll be a bit busy until tuesday but after that I’ll have plenty of time. So before that I’ll be more active only on discord.)

(Edit: I pm’d my discord name as I wasn’t able to add you for some reason.)


About Self : Generic nerd who loves cats and video games. Also gets all geeky over computer stuff.
Team Name : Liione
Characters : Liione and Tahkin currently.
My motivation for joining is simply to have fun. Bring a little more light to the ToS community.
I have no real goals for in the guild, just have fun with others. Help them get to their goal of whatever it may be.


So, its an amish guild, basically. Do you allow the use of multipliers? Because there’s not much innocence in it, it’s a sin.


Sounds like a very nice guild.


About Self : 1 word. Completionist. lol
Team Name : Couronne
Characters : Teddie and Viktor
Motivation: I never had friends in this game. :cry::cry::cry: and looking for a friendly small community.
Hope to Achieve: Greatness and Wealth and Power and World Domination and Love and Peace and Cats and Kawaii stuff and Cake


Hi kogame and Kylier XD

About Self: A Gamer who loves to compete.
DreamEater Lvl 154 wiz1>cryo2>pysc3 orginally for pvp He was also my first roll :’) the memories.
TastyDreams Lvl 253 ar2>ranger3>Sw2 eventually into 3 for rank 8.
Emilia lvl 182 wiz3>Ele3 eventually into Warlock probably.
Hulk-SMASH lvl 273 sw2>hl2>barb1>doppl2 eventually into doppl3 for that spin2win.
Wasted lvl 85 Sw1-Pel3 eventually into rod3 and then murillo also for pvp, but she is on hiatus for now.
Luna lvl 164 wiz2>Link2>thaum2 eventually in ff2, for farming purposes but didnt realize how fun it is to link.
There are a few more you can ask me about them if you want, but unfortunately I think there non-meta now because of the combat update.
Motivation: I want to create a friendly environment where we all can have fun together and create memories that will last us a lifetime.
Hope to achieve: I guess the first thing would be to reach max level and rank 8 with a fully geared character, afterwards, world domination I am with you all the way nadlornaicram!


I, Orrin Neville-Smythe, hereby make my honest request for joining the guild Innocence.
Main char: Orrin
Team Name: Neville-Smythe
Server: Klaipeda [North America]

Any further information feel free to ask me any given time by sending an email to my account on the ToS website. Or you can find on Discord by the tag: #5039, user name: Orrin.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and patience.


Would like to join. I’m also a founder (bought two packs back then).All my old friends stopped playing the game, which made me quit it for a bit, but i found myself playing this game once again.
I heard that social interaction makes thing better, therefore, here i am.
I took a look about the things you wrote, and i actually agree.
Back then you could see all those bots, and that was actually one of the reasons i quit the game.
Would be pretty interesting to find players who actually just want to play the game and have a good time.
I’ll look forward to this.
About the information you asked.
About myself: I like to play videogames when i have free time. Really don’t care about competitive games, but i can play them when people invite me.
My team name is (forgive me) : Dunkest. (I was in a bad time back then =P)
Few Characters:Well, i played the game back then, actually played the first month, and bought two of the founder packs. Thing is, i have only one character at the moment on this server. I could actually change servers, but since this is the one i started playing, i feel like playing here. I have a Paladin > Cleric 2 > Krivis 1 < Cleric 1, and i actually want to continue leveling him up.
Motivations for joining? Well, i need friends. Now, really, this kind of game is cool to play with people, playing an MMO alone gives me conniptions.
What i hope to achieve? Basically chat with people, make some friends and have fun.


Seems perfect for what I’m looking for.

About Me:
Just a relaxed gamer who wants to play video games, chat about (even random nonsense that have been brought up), and just have a good time in general. I started playing again recently and I really want to get into a community so I wouldn’t be bored and frustrated while actively farming for gear. /Tired

Team Name: Memiroa

LV 330 Dragoon (Naru)
LV 200’s Pardoner (Rem)

Plan to have a Fencer and a Wizard in the upcoming future, and a Squire if I can have 2 shops open at once (I don’t know if there is some sort of limit to shops.)


Teamname: Ligna

  • Chap>PD2
  •                Chap>(Inq)
  •                Sorcryo>(Sage)
  •                QS3>R>F>(R2>Mergen) [a momument to my arrogance]
  •                HL3>Hop2>Drag1>(Drag2)
  •                SW3>Hop2>DS>Drag>Lancer
  •                Pelt>Barb3>(DoppelC3)[fun char for earthquake sword&board]

in () means planned
About me:
I’m a (by now) semi-casual gamer looking for a low drama guild . I am relatively well read on theory of this game’s mechanics due to a few too many alts. It’d be nice to have a few people to do dailies with ( no more cleric free parties pls :sweat:) and chat with. I log on nearly daily to level alts and do a few dailies.
Edit addition: I’m also fascinated by the founding principle of the guild. Why play a game if you just try to game the game?


Team Name : Ikuse
Characters :
• Wiz2>Pyro1>Ele3>RC1>Enchanter (main lv.330)
• Cle2>Diev1>Sadhu3 (ongoing lv.200)
• Arc1>QS3>Fle1 (ongoing lv.170)
About me :
Not a hardcore gamer, but I do spend quite a hefty amount of time in ToS. Main reason to join is to find a healthy sociable guild. Will be nice to have people to go into Rank 9 together. Of course, I could help as how much as I am able to. :ok_hand:


Sounds like a lovely direction.


Innocence is still very much recruiting!!! Come join us~


Hey there i am a new player and would enjoy playing this game a nice guild. Currently lvl 85 and ill try to meet you on discord!


Hi hi, I’ve been kinda on again off again with the game, trying to find people to play with gets lonely leveling alone ya know? I kept up with this game ever since it was announced, but Wasn’t able to play till a few months ago when I got my new computer. I’m level 135 right now on muh cleric he’s my main i play around with the others and my team name is Ralia. I have discord so if I need to I can always log in there anyways that’s Me hope to see ya in game sometime :wink:


Hey there, Im actually swapping over to klaipedia from Orsha. I’ve had on and off experience with the game but have a decent amount of knowledge and plan to play daily from now on. I would want some help or someone to play with though which is why im comin here! If your willing to accept me, id be happy to be a helping member of the community.


Hello there! I just recently started Tree of Savior (I’ve only been playing for about an hour now), but I was taking a look at the guild list and I saw this one. After taking a look, I thought I’d give the guild a shot, if that’s acceptable. I do hope to play the game regularly, as my computer can actually handle it, as can my wifi (which is a rarity for good games these days~). My ability in the game is… lacking, as I am new, but I cannot wait to become decent at Tree of Savior, and eventually get to the point where I can help new players as they come into the game, whether they are a part of whatever guild I’m in or not.

I’m from the NA and my timezone is EST, but I do have a job that I work at regularly, so I don’t have all day every day. On every day but Sunday, I will at least have 5 hours to devote to the game, from around 4pm to 9pm. Sunday I have different hours and I don’t get done until evening, so I probably won’t play on Sundays unless I’ve got the day off. When I have days without work, I’ll happily spend a good chunk of it on ToS, though I do RP a bit with a group, so I’ll got that to contribute to as well, just as a heads-up.

I do have Discord available (username is Rowigrath#3240, so hit me up if you’d like!) and I use it quite often, so it’s very easy to reach me. I’d like to think I fit the principles of your guild, as I am a pretty friendly and understanding guy, and I love to work with new players to give them a helping hand with their new experiences, no matter what game I’m playing. And honestly, gaming with a guild just makes everything so much more fun, so I’d like to think I’m a guild-friendly person~

My team name is Miryu, and my current character is Rowigrath, a lv 20 Wizard. I’m gonna make him my main character, and focus on him to the best of my ability to get him to max level. I’m really liking the playstyle so far, so I think I’ll stick with a Wizard for my main for a good long while~ But just because I’m a new guy doesn’t mean I’ll beg for gear or money: I prefer to work for what I get, as it makes the obtaining of money and new items that much more worth it. Not to mention crafting is a blast~

I dunno how GvG or PvP works (or, to be honest, I don’t know how a lot of things work just yet~), but I’d be glad to give it a shot sometime. I want to experience Tree of Savior in its entirety, and I’ll at least give everything a good college try at least twice!

I do of course agree to follow the six rules- and any others that get added, as well as the common sense rules that are… well, common sense- and I will do my best to be the best Rowigrath I can be. In any case, I’ll be on for a good while (still got about 7.5 hours left before I gotta get to bed. Hurray for a week off of work!), so if anyone wants to hit me up, find the team name Miryu and I’ll be there! I might be new, but I love meeting new people and learning whatever I can, whether it’s from a guildie or a stranger who wants to add another friend to their list. So carry on adventurers, and sorry for the long read! I love my walls of text~


Hey! Innocence is still alive and kicking and we would love to recruit more great members.

kogame is MIA so if you’re interested contact me here at the forums or discord Val#6345.

You can also contact Cheerful (current leader) in-game.


Had a look through, and there are only a couple that seem the more casual type, like yourselves. You’re the sole guild that messaged me directly, so it seems fair to ask to join Innocence!

You know some about me already, I guess. Love to ramble occasionally lol.

Team Name

Kevn - Archer 3 / Ranger 3 / Eventually will be Fletcher 3. Main.
Clare - Not entirely sure, but probably Sword 3 / Highlander 3 / Barbarian 3.
Rince - Pyromancer, Sorcerer, Necromancer. I know, it’s an AFK build. But I will be playing it, just sort of half-arsed when I feel a bit lazy.

Admittedly, I was going to make my own guild, as I typically do in games, but I don’t really want the responsibility with my current random schedule. It will also make a nice change to join an existing one with people already in it, for some fun and frolics!

Hopes and dreams
In a nutshell, to have fun playing with others and contribute towards Guild growth in some way. Make some friends, win some hearts. You know the usual lol.

I’ll be around at some point in the next couple days. Probably not tomorrow, as I’m cooking jambalaya (I can taste it already!) for a mate and we’re going to watch some films. But I’ve downloaded Discord, so will give you a poke on that! Or you poke me. I’m easy. Kevin Flemming#7735