[NA - Klaipeda] Innocence


Ah, Good times, I miss this game.


Team Name:

Limbocity - Archer 3 / Ranger 3 / Scout / Cannoneer
Manateecity - Sword 3 / Highlander 3 / Barbarian 3.

Just looking to join for events, dungeons and the social aspect. I have discord and play fairly often. Let me know if you agree to let me know or not.

My discord is Limbocity #0893


Come back then! :satisfaction:


I’ll add you on discord so I can share the link with you!


Please ignore this post. Thanks!



We’re two very active players 340+'s interested in raiding. Does this guild raid? do you have room for fresh 360’s working on their gear? GvG?


I am interested in joining the guild and I am aware this is an old post but it would still be great if maybe you could get in contact or something?

My in game team name is SLEAT and my mc name is Onikakkou if you would want to speak in game about me joining more or whatever

I have tried adding you on discord but it has not let me, so mine is Onikakkou#1859 and if maybe you could send me a friend request that would be appreciated, thanks! xx