Tree of Savior

[NA-Klaipeda] Casual Guild Lotus


Lotus is a revolutionist guild that pushes the meta of Tree of Savior to its limits. Our biggest focuses in the past were competitive World Bossing and GvG. However, our current focus is to maintain an environment free from hard requirements and meaningless drama while focusing on theorycrafting solutions to the ever-changing meta.

Recruitment is currently closed.

Any questions please contact RandyBK or Friend in-game.






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also visit our weebsite


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Memes aside we are secretly actively recruiting send us a pm on discord/in-game


Please check the website in the first post for more details on our requirements.


We currently have a few spots open for anyone interested in joining us. PM Babyloni or Ayur in-game or find us in our discord from our website linked above. If you just wanna join us in discord for quality shitposting and memes that’s good too.



Nothing new going on with us right now, just some bossing and dailies.

On theorycrafting side, of course other than murmnobi shenanigans and farming optimization, there’s really nothing to do until r9.