Tree of Savior

[NA-Klaipeda] Casual Guild Lotus


we are a pve guild :eyes:


No loldrg in top 5. Disliked. Hehexd.


no armband, trash guild


This guild is literally garbage, i only suggest people with bottom tier builds and newbies to join this guild. Also RandyBK dropped like $700usd and 4500 hours in this game as well and 1 shot me in tbl. How do i tag the staff to report???


@Lubu20 i know who u are and i am filing report right now, u will b banned1!!


@Lubu20 also anime is bad and u should stop watching it XD


wlang forever xd fill the 20 character requirement


I like anime. I spent $5k buying all the seasons of my favorite anime, don’t judge me!


i think @kaemonn is pretty cool


Well hello there, @kaemonn


why am i tagged


die @kaemonn
/20char jewish frogg


soon team \o/


Does this guild have room for a couple 340+'s looking to raid?


We are MS2 guild now