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[NA] Klaipeda: Aias, Catacombs Club, etc. Min/Max range too low

  1. Server : Klaipeda

  2. Full Name of Item : Recipe - Aias, Recipe - Catacombs Club

  3. Current Price Range (Minimum / Maximum) : Aias (6168 / 246735), Cata Club (24747 / 989880)

  4. Reason for Suggesting Change : They are currently set so low that no one will sell the recipes, everyone either trades them away or has to fully craft them. These recipe are both easily worth well over 3,000,000 —
    As a player this is very frustrating, because no matter how much silver I am able to earn; No one can purchase a recipe if no one wants to sell the recipe due to it’s low min/max price.

  5. Screenshot of Item on Market (Evidence) :

^ cata club fully crafted goes for 4-5mil on the market & while the materials needed are a bit of a hassle to collect I’d personally be willing to spend over 5mil just so I could have the weapon at full potential. Unfortunately the low max price disuades anyone from ever selling the recipe on the market.

Another recipe on klaipeda I suspect is broken is the " Recipe - Ignition " Unfortunately I don’t have access to a screenshot of it’s min/max price. However I’ve never seen the recipe sold in market only fully crafted versions, which usually means the recipe itself got randomly capped much too low to be worth selling. :confused:



@STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Max please tell me these 3 recipe will have their prices adjusted during maintenance… I am saving up silver in the hope that one day our market will actually work and we can all stop being forced to trade/barter.

Hello @yeule,

We will be using the feedback that is provided on this sub-category along with the new market report function in order to fix overall price ranges. Unfortunately, we wont be able to change the prices in a short period of time.

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