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My thoughts on archer tree

I will omit long introduction explaining my faulty logic, I just want to share my opinion on what could change for the better in archer tree.

  • additional damage attribute to enable additional damage builds without QS
  • make crescendo bane a passive, attribute or merge it with Zhendu
  • make poison pot a 10 point skill


  • buff fanwise shot damage
  • buff escape damage
  • make homing arrow chance 50% without vaivora. Add a different function to vaivora lv1 (buff fanwise shot maybe?)


  • this is wild but I think it can only be saved by adding a channeling skill. More options for channeling builds, less issues with pet AI. But I don’t know what this skill should be


  • Add overheat to cluster bomb maybe?


  • I know it’s already buffed in kTOS, but I feel like it’s not enough. At least make it less annoying to use and add an attribute that turns linear shooting into a 3 hit 15s cd skill.


  • Reduce casting time on bazooka’d skills.
  • Make cannon blast shoot 3 times, reduce recoil slightly


  • increase tomahawk arts damage (currently not worth using cause it severely lowers divine retribution damage, and everyone uses that)
  • increase vaivora 4 tomahawk final damage modifier. Currently It’s not worth going falconer as a damage dealing class with a vaivora, because it’s strictly inferior to all other classes in terms of damage. I know people pick it for other reasons, but what’s the point of having a vaivora vision then? Either buff the effect on tomahawk or give it a different function entirely (like make aiming work for entire party, you know, how it used to be)


  • Change outbrave to independent skill factor instead of % of pyeonjeon. You’re just inviting problems by scalling it off T1 5-point skill. It’s already contesting Mergen for being unconditionally best damage dealer in all situations, it’ll only get worse when we receive earrings. A tier 1 earring will scale all hwarang’s attacks except dancing arrow, and it can be as high as 50% increase on average (when you count all skills including dancing arrow). Nerf nerf nerf!


  • Unsalvageable (not really but we can make it more appealing with simple damage types rework)

General change for all classes:

  • (optional) remove missile damage type (optional cause there’s an easier solution that will not break interactions with featherfoot levitation for example)
  • add pierce type damage to all arrow/bullet attacks
  • add strike type damage to all cannon attacks
    This will encourage players to incorporate sapper, wugushi, hunter and falconer more into their builds as they would think less about mixing damage types.

General change for all trees:

  • Buff skillfactors on all arks. Seriously, why is this tree of divine retribution? It feels like when IMC balances arks they complitely ignore the fact that enhancement attributes & arts exist.