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My reasons to hate PvP right now

Well again I’m considering just stop playing because I like the PvP but the obvios unbalance just makes me want to quit again, the las time was because of the wizz just one shoot everything and was not fun at all, now is something like that.

First of all:

As I say in almost every TBL/PvP post, cryos are just s t u p i d, I don’t undertand how Imc still don’t nerf it, just look at the 0:16 how much the Snow Ball lasts active TEN OP secs, how is that not nerfed in PvP? is just wrong. then the tree, everyone loves the tree is so Safe and you don’t need to waste any brain cell to use it.
After that the Lancer damage, an almost immortal being with plenty of def and HP plus almost immune to every status effect or CC (I don’t care too much about the High HP/Def but the immunity to CCs or Status is what really bothers me), look how much damage they do, 29k x 3 almost 90k with a single skill, how is that fair? why my glass cannon char don’t have a skill with that extreme damage? (Well I can oneshoot bad/medium geared players with Behead but to do that I need to be in cloak) and lancer, I’m not sure but is that skill have like 3 overheads? just too much damage for a “TANK” class right?
Then in 1:02 one of the game features the “bugs”, I just try to cast Annihilation and in some point don’t know why the game just decides to spam autoattack and not responce for several second (thats makes me really angry) then I’m dead.
2:04 Look the range of the lancer atk, how far I’m and the “dodge” word pops out
2:24 I’m not the one who is doing real damage to the lancer, is the exo. (just to clarify because It looks like its me…)
2:39 Lancer damage again.
2:43 Onmyo Tiger range just too big.
2:48 Look how the lancer skill hit me, is that big the area? I suppose is a “desync” but that meas I’m dead as always and so many knockdowns.

So After the dead of the cleric class in PvP some of that clerics goes for wizz class (and others just quit), and now we have all the matches with at least 1 cryo+kino in there. without clerics the game is more easy for the immortal classes, is very rare to have a support in the team, I’m not saying I miss PDs but at least I can hit them and kill sometimes (not like cryo+Onmy, I can’t touch them) or have support for my weak class, now clerics just die too easy after revive is out (against lancer or cryos I mean).

Rode is another thing, but at least they can’t oneshot me.


Lancer is not a tank class tho, it’s a pure damage class without a shield. Also, it’s a pure PVP class and absolutely useless in other aspects of the game.

And unbalanced CC skills were always the main cancer of PVP in this game.

ITs a tank because ppl are abusing hard shield

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PvP in this game Will and Always be unbalance what ever IMC will do.
Thats why i always tell people don’t play meta class instead play a class that makes you happy despite all the odds.

Yeah Lancer is DPS like other swordmands but what I mean is the Tank tree of the game is swordmans, the glass cannons are Archers and Scouts, I understand when a Musket just delete me with 2-3 shoots but they die in 2-3 hits of me, then the swordmans, Some mata/fencers can do it to but they has to choose betwen be tanky with pelta or have CC with reti, Lancers in the other hand have CC with the knockdowns, can be tanky with pelta and can kill me with 2-3 skills and I can’t down their HP 1/3 at least, I need to work with my movility skills but the desyncs of the game don’t help to do that and one knockdown = dead.

But with 170k HP can tank anything plus Gyvenimas shield they have 85k extra HP?

Yeah… Wizards became the most tanky class of the game, plus the best aoe AND single target dps, plus the best CC, plus one of the best moviment speeds…

They also have the best dot damage (mastema), the best escape skills (teleport), they can even reflect damage amplifying 200% (subzero shield can one-shot a melee class)

Omnyoji/Cryo/Kino dominate all pvp scenarios of the game, especially GvG.

Let make it better:
How to counter snowball?
How to counter lancer?
How to counter…onmy aoe?

Ignoring TBL like 99% of players

i had the exact same thing today and the ennemy lancer noticed. i will tell you what exactly happened, and everybody enjoying pvp should know this. If server desync, you get “caught” inside “infinite” lag loop. if you were auto-attacking, you will auto-atk forever(until an ennemy skill relocate you), if you were doing a skill you’ll get stuck during seconds (it happens a lot on backstab, mangle, hexen, behead…). Now what the real issue, class mount and more pelta-lancer can abuse to make this desync happen when they need it, so making you caught inside the lag. It happen all the time against lancers. i kill lancers under Hard Shield, this is not the main issue about them, the issue is they desync which give them free lag abuse cc and fake localisation (they will be not in the place you see them when you’ll try to skill them) they are easily killable with slow (marionette+sausis gloves) or any cc skill that stop the desync while they move or/and skill

that beeing said. BM is (so) bad for pvp. And you don’t play with so good timing skill (wtf you never use your instant accel on the lancer to protect your cleric), (so) bad focus, and you don’t have usefull mates, with good support you have to be deadly, it’s your scout role, without good support you have to be dead, we are scouts. I’m in the top 5 tbl every week with assa-corsair-outlaw/rogue. I don’t care about cryo, they counter me hard, but with good (lucky) matchmaking, we can handle them rly easily. When i see this tbl match… what’s your server? We have rly good and fair battle between well geared ppl in fedimian server, with all trees except archer who have still bad time…but there’s an archer guy in top10 every week (the guy who posted just before me)

try to play much more tbl, you will understand more what you have to do…but you will cry forever being caught inside of a lag cause of a lancer

we already tried to aware about this issue, but nobody react in this fkn forum. We all have this issue

is obviously Cleric.

With no ability to continuously decrease damage taken, practically no cc, no protection/iframe on attack skills (e.g. Ripper), point-blank range (e.g. God Smash/Conviction/Smite/Gregorate/Incinerate/Black Death Steam) and no way to penetrate enemy magic defense Cleric is the Class that has the biggest disadvantage compared to all other Class trees.

The only advantage in PVP is Heal, which is nerfed (increased CD time, hope that’s gone now with the increased SP consumption “buff”), and makes you a sitting duck because it has a skill animation and can’t be used while moving without making you stop moving to start the animation.

To be honest, I can’t understand all the crying on the other sides with all the clear battle advantages of completely shutting out players from playing the game.

It’s not just Cryomancer, it’s also Piper, Retiarius, Murmillio, Assassin,Rogue, Bullet Marker, Outlaw, Sheriff,Lancer,Cataphract, etc. that cc you for so long/strip your equipment/heavily debuff you that you might just stop playing PVP.

you mean without Druid/Priest/Plague Doctor?

Inquisitor is not broken, Inquisitor is well-balanced (except for Malleus if maxed), it has damage and 1 cc skill, but it requires a lot of skill and tactical play to deal with the enemy.
Meanwhile, Kino,Cryo,Piper,Musketeer don’t require that much, they just shut you down.

Even Scouts are just broken because of iframes, Cloaking, evasion, etc that makes you want to quit if you miss on all of your attacks and become a sitting duck cced 24/7.

If IMC were to remove all cc from PVP the matches could be tactical and fair, but I guess they simply don’t care. Instead, they think it’s fine to shut down people for several seconds while taking damage.

But at least there’s going to be the new level 400 legendary set bonus that makes you immune to debuffs for 20-30 seconds, so PVP could become more interesting on Cleric if you’re not permanently shut down.

To be fair he is pretty good at TBL, I’ve watched some of his matches and he is the one making that move that makes all the difference in many of them(like neutralizing the cryo or healer). This particular match was not good because it was unbalanced not only in player build but also player skill.

TBL is literally pvp for its own reward. If you don’t enjoy it, you can safely ignore it until IMC decides to make it content worth doing.

They haven’t made it worth doing for 3 years.

Just Iron maiden duration is broken, I know is hard to land but now Corsair rope skill it’s just as hard but the duration is halved and you are lock in place.
And scissors damage is very high, however the OP thing with that skill is the vaccum effect, you can’t run and if you jump you are dead, the only thing that saves me in that moment are my Iframes from BM or Assa.

About the CCs I’m not sure if is in Ktest now but I’ve read a developer thing abuot reduce all duration of CCs that last more than 5 secs, I just hope thats mean ALL CCs and not just the obvios CCs, because they can just ignore skills like snow ball because is the skill duration and not a debuff itself or the Rode Silence with a skill that don’t say anything about that.

You want to remove all survivality options from the class? you know why archers suck at pvp now? because they lack in survivality option, almost all skill that makes viable archer in PvP are in scout now, sadly I don’t think the new jump skill will make things better for archers, but at least is something.

That happen to me alot against the lancer in the video, sometime I see him in front of me I can’t use target skills, then I see he is in other place, sometimes the thing you say about skills like back stab, the skill animation stuck in place about 4 sec, is like my game register the button press but that order don’t reach the server -_-

I love BM in PvP and even more after the last patch, mozambique drill is a killing machine and Rip does good damage too, smash bullet is the only skill that can hurt tanks, in the other side Outlaw, I’ve tried it many times and I can’t find it usefull, the damage is too low, and skill in general are boring, the only good thing is the evasion, but thats it.

well thats the sad thing, after play so many games against that lancer I know I can’t CC him with my skills, in 2:29 I use behead two times in a row and he don’t get mute, and if you look he does not have any special buff in that moment (he uses prevent after I waste my 2 behead), so I tried so many time to stun him with backstab or accel and nothing happen, I just given up in that matter.

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I know and I play because I like it, but sometimes makes me just want to quit because of the obvious problems IMC just decides to ignore and we can’t do nothing about. u_u

Iron Maiden is something I am conflicted about. I rolled as inquis for the longest time, and while it is really strong in a 3v3 scenario it really starts to show its weaknesses in group pvp like gem or gtw.

Generally I think it is OK, since you have to skill land it, and it can be resisted. It is also one of the few anti-PD moves out there.

You can never expect a fun and fair pvp when it is influenced by PvE in anyway.
It had it right long, long time ago when gear was kinda standardised but i doubt it will ever return.
Tolerating PvE influence in GvG/Mass-PvP can be done since amoutn of players come into play, but in a Arena-like and controlled enviroment 3 v 3 PvP any gear influence should be just deleted.

scout is cry about something.
looks like a joke to me me

2 YEARS LATER (and +2 months)