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My my how things have changed since Julie's time here

As soon as @Staff_Julie left though…

Well, carry on then. It’s as if I don’t exist *poofs :wink:


Etiquette :joy:


The forums are just as toxic as they were back then. Things got out of hand after the announcement of the early access packages and it hasn’t been the same since. Julie did squat.

We need a few forum moderators to actually enforce rules and ban/temp ban people. This self moderation is abysmal. But it’s gone on so long I have no hope for that at all.


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I dunno, I don’t see much difference. Julie was instead swarmed by everyone asking her either relevant or redundant questions all over the place. The reason it wasn’t so bad back then was people didn’t really use the forums back then either.

It was only when people realized they could whine and bitch to their heart’s content is when the forum became more popular as a shitpost central. This forum desperately needs some moderation: Even if IMC has to choose them out of exemplary members.


Some games forum out there need admin/mod permissions to post. If it applied here, im sure this forum already being dead long ago.

This is the new age of forums, unfortunately.
( although sometimes i do enjoy reading through battles of the sass)


It is funny when it is a one time thing.

I would strongly love the idea of a forum where IMC even can get productive Information about bugs or good suggestion of their game. And I believe that we could achieve that, but in order to do that there shouldn’t be anyone who is being a kid. IMC listens, but only to the ones with good points and smart suggestions. If there would be only one topic about a problem and everyone else who agrees only likes the posts and maybe add something important to it, IMC could see problem in their forums a LOT better. And I can bet that they would listen to us a LOT more with such cooperative players.

Make me staff.

Staff_LoliLicker as ruler of forums to create a loli sub forum.

Then kill people with my loli hammer of flat justice.


Basically. John shows up on rare occasions,but otherwise no one even came close to caring as much as she did.

This would be an easy fix for them, but we know their history when it comes to fixes.


I thought it was the new age of internets.

I still miss her …


I only worry for those naughty little kids whom exist in the forums

Wonder what will happen to them… virginity wise XD

Probably end up with you doing this


Jkjk XD

@nuclearmissile [quote=“nuclearmissile, post:4, topic:311086, full:true”]
yep. julie would had banned that private server post long ago

I don’t even know how its still alive and kicking at this moment of time XD


julie locked/blocked quite a few of my topics. 7+… before she decided to ban my first account here on the forums. Im not sure if banning here on forums means banned in game… I was lucky/random enough to be using an account here not linked to my ingame account… so im not sure how that works. but ive been on my second account here since julie.

I sent Staff John a private message linking to some pretty outrageous personal attacks and overly offensive insults, he read my message and ignored it.

Guess it’s do whatever you want here as long as you don’t post porn photos the staff doesn’t care what anyone does.

On a side note, if enough of the overall community flags someone it will automatically ban their account it seems. That is how Fate and WarRock got banned (eventually).

Think IMC is expecting us to manage our own community through a democratic flagging system. However, the flagging system is being abused by toxic trolls right now as quite a few posts that were non-offensive and not against ToS were flagged and hidden.

Pretty scary system we have going on here that definitely favors the most persistent toxic minority.


There… change it for yer. Seeing how pple get flagged for no apparent reasons.

Is this even a working system? lol?

It works if you’re toxic right?

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Well thats true… after all theres so much drama now…didnt really read the forums for 2 days and i missed so much.

@brandoncotten i can see why she bans ur forum account XD…

Then again there is a loophole apparently where they don’t ban the IPs of toxic people but rather just their forum accounts…

One good example is Princemark…XD

Sorry mate no log horizon XD

But if i were to compare him with the things i read currently in this forums… i would definitely choose him XD

right? I can also see why julie did it. but then again. as mentioned previously. im 9 lvl 30 league accoutns deep into permabanns. ppl have started calling me tyler8 tyler 9 tyler 10 whichever it is… but sadly ive been playing carefree since beta of league. with permabanned dotacash accounts… anyone remember dotacash? a try at account ownership warcraft3 before a legit source existed?

when i brought my mentality to this game i had 1v1 duels 100+ lvls above me asking why a lvl 175 was destroying their 280… but i dont play this game anymore so its whatever right?

then i go in forums and tell ppl how im doing it. and they say exploit… not a soul… NOT A SINGLE PERSON would forum post about how i was playing before i did. either they tried to keep it hush hush or they didnt theorycraft enough… enough to find it amusing.