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My game is crashing


Server Name:Silute

Team Name:MagoNegro

Character Name: all chars

Bug Description :
(letting us know what you were doing before, during, and after the bug happened will help us a lot)

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. ) there is not a specific feature every char happens this

  2. I’m always on channel 1 in the game

  3. happens when you go to mundar of map or dungens in klaipeda and salus

  4. like I said before the events happens in changes of maps like dungeon in the part loading

  5. processor: intel ® core ™ i3-3210 cpu @ 3.20GHZ Memory Installed: (RAM) 8,00GB System type: 64-bit windons 8.1 pro

Screenshots / Video :

help me imc ja to two weeks this game problem gets so well before the atulizacao of October 30th now to passed through this problem please help me



Yes. Nothing changing. Game crash on start now.
Another wasted week.


I’m waiting for yuri imc news:roll_eyes::tired_face::sob:


"Client Crashes

  • Corrected errors suspected of causing recent client crashes. Do continue to inform us if the problem persists."

Game still crash when change instance/enter dungeon/simple do something. Worldmap still look white blank something with names of explored waypoint.
Nothing changes from patch that bring to us new game interface. Game support looks realy didn’t
understanding what going wrong with they game after that patch…