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My build doppel is good

i shall put deed of valor in 15 and put double pay earn 0

Get DPE. No doubt about that.

Get Cross Guard. You can leave Cartar at 3. Get Poucing at 5. Get Zornhau at 1. Same for Punish.

You need to rethink your build entirely.

thanks man , i will rethink

I’d build it something like this:

your build doppel is not good.

do not got double pay earn.
double exp every 57 seconds is a waste of points.

You must be kidding. One of the best farming skill out there. Imagine a Galok dropping a Battle Bracelet, with DPE = 2 Battle Bracelets

Btw, from what I see, most dps Doppel prefer HL3>Barb>Doppel route. I would suggest that build too

This is what I would build a DPS Doppel, there are skill point left over:

id prefer highlander 3> barb1> doppel o.O

Please state your reason next time. Don’t just put your opinion like that


now get doppel, kabalist 2 and oracle. u predicts the monster to drop an expensive sht, now kabalist make apear 3-4 more of the same monster and doppel uses DPE. now u drop 8 expensive sht =)

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If you don’t intend to use your doppel to farm, then it is perfectly fine to not have DPE. More so for doppel 3, since skill points are limited. Honestly if I wanted to farm i’d make a corsair 3 instead - jolly roger 15 makes DPE look like a joke.

i was reading this page R8 Swordsman Skills Translation and It looks like zucken and redel need to be level 6 to take attribute for extra damage and need to be 3 classe doppelsoldner , i believe they will remove this limitation for level 6 since several korean playes are complaining , i want barbarian for warcry, I plan to play solo warcry +cyclone for mob, I can jump skill points and can put in the next class like skill simulator , I have not played the game yet
anyway this more better

ur build have some problems, check other ppl builds in the forum or check Aki Sera build in youtube.

but warcry is bad, frenzy too… and u need bash 3 and max seism

i prefer highlander over barb, but i’m highlander fan since beta xD

Warcry is actually good, you can even turn off the attributes if you don’t need them to have less cooldown. warcry right now has a very good uptime due to the recent buff.

At least it’s not as crap as a gungho that only gives 70 PA. During that short period warcry is down, go use gungho then cancel it again and get back to warcry so that your buffslots don’t get eaten up in parties.

here is what i’ll do

u can take out frenzy completely if u don’t like the the skill;
cross guard+embowel+punish gonna be your combo for pierce type mobs so i put point in it;
DPE can be leave at 1 since it’ll work when party member kill the mob for u, it’s nice skill to have

edit: depend how doppel c3 new skill work, you can take point and level DOV instead

for everyone thanks , for barbarin skill i have decide , for doppelsoldner i will wait next update and
rebalancing , but i have something in my mind.

warcry give flat amount too and don’t go up with DOV. its crap as dmg boost, but if u want it just as a fake swashbulk, duno xD

frenzy isn’t that bad now that scales from STR, but still flat dmg (cmon, enemies will have 300k HP with Rank 8 and frenzy will be giving u 400 dmg on each hit)

Warcry scales now, read patch notes on KR

  • War Cry:
    - Now also Increases base damage by [The lowest level target x Targets Affected x 0.1]

it was even good before this patch

It’s Flat damage boost but it boosts about 300 PA, it’s like wearing another weapon, look at your 2H swords.

don’t say it’s crap when you aren’t even sure about it

frenzy and warcry goes to PA, it scales with your damage, an example of flat addition is concentrate

Before warcry: (692-942)

After warcry: (923-1123)

the cooldown of warcry is low too after the patch