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Musket Pvp Build


as the tittle said anyone have main as Musketeer and have a pvp build? can share ur build and skill distribution?


Caution ! :radioactive: Pure theorycraft :radioactive:
Musketeer/Pied Piper/Quarrel Shooter
Shield :+1:
Block :+1:
Knockback/down resistance ( Deploy Pavise: Aiming Sight) :+1:
High CON :+1:
Hard CC (Dissonanz; Wiegenlied; Friedenslied; Stone Shot):+1:
Soft CC (Oblique Shot; Scatter Caltrops):+1:
Burst (Lied des Weltbaum) + Applies 50% additional damage to enemies that are slowed down or unable to move (Covering Fire; Volleyfire) :+1:

Please correct me if I’m wrong senpais :vulcan_salute:

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The more common archer build is Pied-falco-Musket, Pied is for the obvios huge CC area, Falco for aiming that help to hit targets easy. The Idea is just sleep targets cast the buff damage skill from Pied (I don’t remember the name) and shot the target with the skills from musket, with Aiming, Penetration Shot just destroy anything because almost all the shots hits the target. Now, that sound very easy but the hard part with archers is the survavility, you have almost 0 chance if you miss the sleep or the stun from PP, if a scout or swrodman is over you its really hard to survive, so the only advise I can give you is DON’T go to TBL with an archer right now, just do the Gem Feud or GvG or Boruta, In TBL Archers are almost useless, in the other PvPs are OK but not great.

You can change falco for some other but at least I tried almost all the options and nothing worked well.

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Musket + piper is the base for sure, generally speaking using this as a base:

You have several options for your third class, here are some pros and cons to each:

Falconer: Gives you core AoE and PVE utility, great for GVG as a result. Less useful for 1v1 situations or TBL/Gemstone, but you do get more damage buttons to push, and a couple useful utility skills/debuffs.

QS: Gives you access to a shield, an additional short stun, and more defensive CDs. The downside here is that using a shield means you will rely on weapon-swapping to use your musket skills, which can be clunky.

Wugushi: Gives you big AoEs, very long DoTs, and a short-duration cloak. Downside here is that those DoTs can be antidoted off. Very active-skill heavy.

Appraiser: Gives you very strong buffs and debuffs that will add a lot to your damage, also allows your party access to use your accessories. Very few active skills here leave for an empty rotation once you blow everything, but this is my preferred choice until tiger hunter.

Sapper: Gives you strong AoE damage and CC, and allows you to destroy magic circles. Great area-denial ability, but obviously since you are laying traps you may become less impactful if you’re on the move a lot in a GVG situation.

Hunter: Gives you extra CC and very nice debuffs, great utility in the ability to catch out cloaked enemies. Requires a fair amount of micro-management though, very button heavy, but great for spooking scouts.

Not enough is known yet about how Tiger Hunter will perform outside just theorizing, but it’ll have a cloak and some nice-looking damage cooldowns.

Lots of choices but it really depends on what you’re looking for. I chose to specialize in a one-shot build, which is why I have appraiser for now; the ability to delete somebody in best in slot gear is too good to pass up, personally. All the same though, and regardless of what you choose, it’s important that you do what you enjoy and invest in your gear. Any of these choices are going to feel underwhelming if you choose to not invest strongly in a weapon and armor for it as your damage comes from 2 primary sources: Your weapon and your ability to stay alive.

Most people have wizened up and are running crabil cards for stun resist, or caprias for sleep resist (or a combination of the two/Nuodai/etc). The most important thing is to not panic and run away in a PVP situation when faced with the fact that you’re going to die–especially if you’re already slowed down by serenity.

For example, if you dissonanz and catch a scout but he resists the stun, and begins electric shocking you, at least attempt to make the trade and kill him or someone else in range of you. A trade (ie: you both die) is far more impactful in all PVP situations than if you just ate it and didn’t get any kill off. This applies in TBL, Gemstone, and GVG. Survival is always going to be the goal, but you have to know when to just fight it out and get the kill off on somebody.

Scouts are actually a piper musket’s best friend. You have all the tools in the world to catch them before they catch you, and you don’t even really need to buff yourself to kill them because they don’t block and snipe is an autohit–their evasion is effectively worthless. You can also kill them from outside their iframes skills’ range, so as long as they’ve committed to any iframes skill, just sit outside the circle and start mashing your headshot button–it’ll only go off when their iframes are over. Then finish them with whatever you’d like.

Swordsmen are lot more difficult, you have no choice but to serenity to ignore their block, meaning you’re guaranteed to take some of their hits. Which, long as you’re wearing plate and running zauras, you can generally afford to do (Gyvenimas is also great, if you have a Velco set, because it also offsets the weltbaum double damage). Turtling and just burning CDs usually turns out to be the best option. If you’re know they’re coming just wait for them and hit them without even bothering to CC, they’re going to resist it 9 times out of 10 anyway. :tired:


ah sorry for late reply, thx alot for u all :blush:

Edit: @Csiko that penetration shot its enough only lvl5?, the attribute double hit from penetration shoot its require lvl10 skill penetration.
at this time i had 1lv covering fire, max headshot and snipe, 1 volley fire, max sniper serenity, 1 on grooving and prime load. should i reset the skill?


If you really want the attribute then you can remove points from headshot/snipe/serenity to try to get there, but I would not. The hit box on penetration is very small, you really only get a lot out of it with aiming and it’s very low value in PVP unless everything else is on CD.

You want max covering fire for sure. Headshot and snipe are both your high SFRs, but you will find that you damage cap with them very easily once your gear gets decent, especially if you use them with Weltbaum or they crit.

The only downside to covering fire is that you will lose a ton of damage if anything is between you and your intended target; not sure if this is a big or not, but things like icewall actually nerf your covering damage into the ground if they’re anywhere close to either a boss in PVE or a player in PVP.


Sapper is a good and strategic choice too for middle and large scale pvp. (GTW, Boruta and Gemstone)

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btw mind u share some of gameplay video with ur pvp musket? really appreciate if u willing to do it :blush: , i really want to see ur musket pipper appraiser on feud scene

i was musket sapper falco before reset to musket pipper falco, yea i really like alot sapper but on PvE scene, the spike shooter damage is too good while bossing.


Honestly archer isn’t a great place for pvp.

For a class that relies on being out of range and doesn’t have many or any disengage mechanics, you’re incredibly at a disadvantage to other classes that can easily close the gap.

Couple this with how badly coded the game is and the amount of desyncing and lag, you’re going to not have the best time.

But if you insist on going musket pvp, my experience with my piper musket is basically to play around your cds. You basically can’t take extended pvp fights, you need to know when you go in with all your cds, then try to avoid combat otherwise. This is made very apparent in content like gem feud.

In GTW, your short comings can be mitigated by having allies cover for you. And aoe sleep and stun is very valuable here.


I just like running around PVPing (and getting PVPed).


oh man thanks a lot :blush:

yea i was like u too if doin some pvp content, its killing someone or be killed, the first doing stunt/disable he’s the winner :joy:
btw nice music did u use there :grin:

yea, u was right first time i trying doin an TBL i got and 2 enemy swordman and 1 cleric, while on my team i got 2 scout. when the fight starting 2 two sw rushing to me while using his helmet skill, want to run but u know archer cant do instant run while on combat mode, im trying to disable them with stunt or sleep doesnt effect :joy: . so in the end i always getting killed at first :sob:


Something else that becomes really important later is actually just memorization.

You have to know how many of what skill is going to kill what person. A couple times I overdo and use my biggest damage ability (snipe) on someone who I could have just killed with a headshot or less, and then snipe isn’t up when I really need it.

You can also see where I come up against someone I’ve never PVPed against (though I know who he is), think he’s a lot squishier than he is, but he’s a scout and eventually turns back on me and kills me.

Also reacting quickly is key. There’s a bullet marker buff that reveals BMs while stealthed when they use it, you can see them flash on my screen a couple times. I immediately follow up with disso. The one time disso isn’t up but sleep is, I look for where the Lullaby! debuff text appears (since they’re still stealthed) and kill them that way.


yo guys, i wonder anyone know how to distribute tiger hunter skill on pvp purpose?
my build is pipper tiger hunt and musket. i still confuse how to distribute skill point on tiger hunter :thinking:

now tiger hunter already come to ItoS, mind i know ur skill build? cause u said wanna change that appraiser when tiger hunter coming


Trying this to start


I don’t like piercing shot at all and will probably drop it. It operates like multishot, the windup feels pretty clunky when you’re already in a rotation and it’s just not that good as an opener.

Surprise Attack is a lot of fun.


All the skills feel so incredibly clunky…as if it weren’t hard enough juggling so many cast times and delays in pvp.


This is my problem with sheriff actually.

I dropped some points out of camo and put them in rapid shot. Piercing is just so clunky it’s on a button and I hardly use it. I need exactly one more available hotkey than I have but I think I’m more likely to drop penetration shot.