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Musket build new class

So… I tried tiger hunter last night. I must say, no offense but I think it sucks. The damage skills are underwhelming, and the buff skills are gimmicky.

Of course, I’m not a musket main so I probably don’t know what I’m doing. Can some experienced players prove me wrong? Also share your builds please.

I was hoping for sap-musket-TH, but from my experiences with TH, I think I ma go sap-musket-wugu (or falcon).

Still too low lvl to say anything about TH, only tried first 3 skills…

only one that is kind of annoying is Rapid Shot cause of distance and it can be really unreliable…

this is my plan

it’s full pvp class. like how assassin

So like assassin, but awful?

not awfu, boring like qs

@DrRM oh good, so I’m not the only one who is thinking why the **** is Rapid Shot acting so dumb. oh so TH is a PvP class, makes sense now. But I wonder if players are considered beast type? Probably not…

Assassin is also good at PvE though.

Tiger Hunter is actually more of a PVE-oriented class with a few buffs that enhance musket in all circumstances, PVP included.

I’ll agree that some of the damage is a little underwhelming, but I think increased SFRs alone would only serve to make an already exceptionally high damage class (musket) too strong. They shine in particular when enemies are debuffed with slow/rooted, this makes sapper an excellent choice as a third class.

It has 2 bread and butter/rotation fill skills: Piercing Shot and Rapid Shot. Piercing Shot is excellent for CMs and crowds, rapid is excellent for single target. Of course, these are still going to take a backseat to your more core rotation skills from musket: Headshot -> Snipe -> Covering Fire -> Prime and Load and do it again. Think of that as a base (and what you want to be using with kraujas or weltbaum up if you’re a piper), and the tiger hunter damage skills as the filler.

Eye of the Tiger is a great way to enhance the damage of your AoE/non-damage cap skills, such as covering fire or piercing shot, especially in a very clustered environment like for CM. It’s also a way to enhance the damage of your big bursty single target skills in PVP (snipe, headshot, surprise attack).

Pursuit is the kind of thing you want up as often as it’s off CD, being able to dash in PVP situations is incredible where no other archer can do this, and you are incredibly squirrelly with leap, surprise attack, and the ability to dash that as long as you cancel Sniper’s Serenity when things go south, you should be able to get out of most bad PVP situations. Just keep in mind that if Serenity is active, you will rubber band while trying to use any of your movement skills. Rather than re-use serenity which has a second of an animation, I tend to just right click off the Serenity buff to cancel it.

Camo Shot is actually just awful. Outside using it and surprise attack to gib somebody with no gear, it’s just not well thought out. It’s far too short and it drops your movespeed too low for any kind of meaningful setup.

Either way, the class does what I want it to do. I think they could fix camo shot or remove the movespeed hit, or add additional synergy perhaps on Tiger Hunter damage under certain circumstances, but I think just increasing the SFRs is lazy.


Such a pro. Already figured out so much in so little time.

that breaks my sniper heart D:

if there is something I dislike of TH is some attributes been basically end game level to get D:

I got TH as second class but it will be long after my last class is almost if not done that I will get to use em :anger:

To me, overall TH has been pretty disappointing. The skills are very clunky, I was really hoping for a good companion pvp to musket and it has been pretty underwhelming.

I am actually of the opposite opinion of Csiko, I think Camo shot has incredible use do to its in-combat stealth. If it doesn’t bug and people see your outline, it’s a good re-engage or disengage skill.

Pursuit is probably one of the best skills TH has, the in combat run is great considering every other class can already do it as their base, being on that same level helps a lot.

Its when it comes to the damage skills is where it feels very bad. It’s so so in pve, but pvp it’s very awkward to use. I hope we don’t just get SFR changes either, because thats not the real issue with TH.

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Not really wrong, the fact that piercing has a wind-up is pretty dumb.

I’ve had very mixed success.

I notice that the problem with Rapid Shot is that it works against your instinct…

You want to kill mobs fast and exploit their weakness to do so…

but to properly use Rapid Shot…

the target must live or at least last long enough for all the shots to be used…

if the target dies the rest of the shots get wasted…

Basically Rapid Shot is nothing more than an automated 5 overheat Oblique Shot…

So it i best used “mostly” for healthy or Elite mobs and bosses…

EDIT: Just got to try “Surprise Attack”…

How dumb of me to expect a competent skill like Instant Accel from Assassin :unamused: