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Murmillo thoughts?

I really love this class even before Re:Build. I had pelt-rode-murm before re:build. Even with the recent nerf to cassis crista, im not giving up this class. I made this post since i dont see a lot of murmillo related posts. Is this class that bad?

I still see that my fav skill frenzy slash still teleports me back to where i jumped sometimes. I sometimes experience a bugged effect on shield train where the mobs would be gathered behind my character instead of in front which would result on me missing my next skill. And also if i sprint while sprint buff is active (double tapping direction key), when the sprint buff is over, my character is sprinting while not consuming any stamina. I think that was not intended. These are some of the issues i discovered while playing murmillo in Re:build.

Currently i am barb-pelt-murm and i havent reached end game yet since im still 360. But still i wanted to hear your thoughts to any murm main out there about the class and also share your builds. This is currently my skill build

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  • Shield train hits twice, direction of knock per hit depends on where your character is facing
  • The sprint bug was fixed previously and came back again
  • Frenzied Slash is desync-heavy, and only picked lvl 1 as an escape mechanism
  • Hoplite -barb-murm, has a good pierce debuff synergy with evade thrust.
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i mainly like to pvp with my murmillo, but i still do pve on it. my main character is murmillo/peltasta/rodelero

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Murm pairs well with Rodelero due to Cassis Crista giving 50% more shield skill damage. This will boost Targe, Push, Shove and Bash from the Rodel tree.

Also Shoving debuff will boost Murm strike damage so there is good synergy there.

i don’t think Cassis Crista does boost other rank like pelt and rode skill anymore.
Tried it with friendly duel, the dmg is the same for with and without mur helm.

@Remiri is right , The helmet still gives the appropriate damage buffs for the shields skills that are affected by Rodelero: Shield Attack attribute. ( I believe its the same for Pelt )


Just confirmed in game, no ninja patch

ill change my pelt to rode then when i dont need the pelt def buffs. I really like barb frenzy and warcry. It really boosts up the damage

So the skills affected by cassis crista damage boosts are from the shield attack attribute… And here i thought it also boost shooting star damage welp…

Yeap. Shooting star only gets an additional bonus damage from 30% of your shield’s defense values.
Despite being isolated from murm’s cista buff , it remains one of rod’s strongest skill to date

Yeah Cassis does not help for Shooting Star, only skills that use the shield exclusively and are affected by the shield attack attribute

One point i want to leave here is the damage from Emperor’s Bane that is waaaay lower than the description. Its easy to test, i already reported and they never touched it. The damage per cast is like 1/4 the description damage and they can not use the excuse of being multi cast skill because every cast uses the entire mana cost on description.


quick lil vid i made

I stumbled into this youtube video
@Ersakoz this is you right? Can i ask what build you used in this video?

Which do you think was better hoplite or redelero?

For CM/AOE, the better standing leans towards Hoplite for the newly improved spear throw. Rod’s PVE capabilities are overshadowed at the moment. However it still excels in the field of PVP.