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Murmillo thoughts?

That do not explain why the first hit is soo weak…

that’s grab move, it hit like this first u grab monster and deal some damage then u hit monster 3 headbutts if you press it 3 times , that why tooltip is wrong .?

Nah, the tool tip says it uses 50% on the grab animation making it hit less than half it says it does because damage formula. They prob updated recently.
Still that makes the skill kinda bad. One shield train and boom, more damage than all 3 headbutts.
Not to mention that people can walk away even if they got grab.

Headbutt has lost alot of its ‘oomph’ post-SFR update. Only 1113% at max level so it is more for the stun proc.

Id focus on maxing frenzied, scutum, and train as those are the beefy damage options, and then distribute the rest of the points where you want.

I also noticed the lackluster damage of headbutt. I just put 1 point on it and maxed frenzied slash since they fixed the teleporting issue

yeah after SFR update frienzied slash had good SFR to put point into.

although after some test i found that if maxed Frenzied slash vs maxed evade thurst , if ET had bleed debuff it can out damage Frienzied slash if they scale like in SFR tooltip.
i has 1 Murmilo with 12 lv frenzied slash and 1 lvl ET

  • with same weapon on same monster helmet on - they do 62000 for FS and 2800 for ET
    if they scale like in tooltip Lv15 fs had 7151% will do 72K for 20sec and Lv15 ET with bleed do 56K * 1.5 = 84K in 20s , and my headbutt at lv 5 do 55k 20sec at maxed lv without stun damage incr only helmet .
    if this tested correct then its depend if you can apply debuff -bleed - correctly u can use ET since its do more damages its lake of cc though :smiley:

What are your thoughts on this art? Is it particularly useful in the recent content?