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Multi and Funnel (ITOS doesn't care them)

Multiple funnel accounts still cannot be banned, although I constantly report them, they still haven’t taken any action. The men contract 2 times at each event and receive 2 times the drop and reward. Me and my friends have decided not to play anymore… Nonsense.

Every Mmorpgs has funneling alts … wait in the future when playing games asks you for your ID so only 1 legit account is made XDD

funneling is gray area in every mmo
also if reason of you playing or not is because what others do or dont, not for your own personal fun, then you shouldnt even bother play
they sort of cheat yes but is it harming you? technically just being envy. you can join them or hate them and leave ofc, cause relying on the law enforcer is no hope option.

also theres been a lot of games asking for your real ids and phone numbers like korean games but look some ppl can still bypass it.

funneling is unstoppable unless the game kills tradability/market.
also unless god remove greed from humanity.

Cant beat them, then join them? ok? good?


What to funnel this time btw? that cheap moring accs and thaw?

Meh… -.-

Every MMO has alt funnel plus it is so common (albion, neverwinter, eelder scroll, genshin pfft, etc etc etc. I’m kinda impress that dev actually took serious about this type of abuse.

The problem is it dictated your experience in player to player competition in TOS, to a certain degree. If its about event item, I won’t be bother so much about it, because it is not transferable (Even if it marketable, it is not in dev intention, and they usually make a mistake to make it marketable time to time). The item usually out of date, will get cheaper, or lost value in the near future after every event. This is always the pattern since 4 years ago.

Since it is a grey area, just make a second account and take the reward. That, if you have the same amount of time with the people who funnel too. :dizzy_face: Otherwise, i wont even bother about others having alt account or having max cap 10b silver in their account.

i think thats the main reason kToS implementing CM with same IP thing, the bad side is now they know it will happen and gonna abuse even more.

lol funneling is not always about event
you underestimate the power of a guy who have 4 another pcs who can make like 100m+ silvers just by playing an hour

also back to the poster, if this is your mindset technically theres no mmo for you cause no mmo is clean. you dont always play with good guy, good motives, who always gonna reply you gently no. theres also bad guys. even more bad guys lol.

Use virtual machine, cheaper electricity. Not sure if it worth to pay extra $$ for extra work when we can just hog TP with that money.

interesting how this i hate funnel topic turn into how to funnel better LOL

If this is a reason for you and your friends to leave the game, it is best to leave the mmorpg style in general. Each MMORPG has its own way of passing through security, whether with multibox, fake id, vpn and thousands of other ways. This topic for me is pure envy, after all, even the guy who is creating alts to farm, is still spending his time or money in the game to have these characters. The characters don’t appear by Disney magic, and the great truth of this game has always been: the more characters the more money. Don’t want to create an alt account? Buy character slots, Don’t want to buy or can’t? Play with 4-5 free slots, feel left behind compared to other players and don’t want to try any of the above? Just Quit the mmorpg style

It’s largely a free game/private server problem.

Every time someone in WoW Classic talked about having multiple accounts openly they were shamed into oblivion, because it’s a very “private server trash” thing to do. Blizzard cracked down on it and multiboxing pretty hard shortly after.

It’s just not a thing you see in serious MMOs. IMC should have cracked down on it ages ago, it’s the kind of behavior that prevents most serious players from even trying the game because they let people get away with so much nonsense. I’m glad they finally started, but it’s probably too little too late.


What kind of response is this? Having alts is clearly agains’t the rules, it’s not envy to ask IMC to apply its own rules. Hence, a great deal of those people are not using the alts to create a better character in game, the main reason for people to farm like that is to sell silver or items in RMT, which again, is agains’t IMC rules, and eventough they could spend money with TP, they are preventing other players from buying TP by selling goods outside the game.

So stop being mean when people claim for justice.



  • Different player accounts having simultaneously connected to the game via identical IP’s is not enough of a reason alone for us to put any kind of restriction on anyone. However, it is a bannable offense when multiple accounts connected on the same IP are funneling items to a single specific account. There could even be legitimate cases where even over a hundred accounts may be connected to the game via a single IP address. But when items or other in-game currencies are continuously transferred between these accounts, we will need to investigate the involved accounts and take appropriate action against them. This is common sense as the same is applied even for accounts connected via different IP addresses. This is no different from the way in which we identify and ban gold-seller bot accounts, and multiple accounts where items of value or in-game currencies are being funneled will be treated no differently.


  • Merely connecting to the game does not warrant any penalties. But, if items and in-game currencies are being funneled to a single account, we will put a permanent suspension on all involved accounts and IP addresses as we will treat the case as an instance of RMT gold-selling.
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Is it considered botting if a have a physical robot playing the game?

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I remember when this game is new we had to create multiple account to try the different builds we want becuz IMC was so stingy with character slots ( pets consume them also XD ) No meta build back then … and we can create 1 circle per class XDDD so much fun and possibilities


actually I think this falls in the same category as elaborate keyboard macros so uh, yeah probably

Time to ban 90% of shop in town n field.
Those lot sure like to use alt.

I m gonna join them, my others accounts and virtuals ready soon…

Well we know imc wont touch those multi alt users.
More alts = +population = +possible tp spender $$$

just teach your cat to press a button that designated to jolly roger every 1 min.
its legal