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Multi Account With 2/4 Account

Hii IMC,I’m here to ask, can we play multi accounts in this game for example 2 accounts or 4 accounts?

You can make plenty but IMC “forbids” funneling to one account … XDDD

You can. Make sure your accounts didnt join same party.

i saw many players, even top players that currently on top leaderboards are playing with their alts, like having multiple pcs or virtual desktops
i even encounter this top archer in my server, who is always rank 1 wbr, chilling in vienibe shelter with his definitely 3 of his alts because he made it so obvious, with almost 99% same IGN, probably spamming cm or dcp
i think multis player just like in many other games with player tradability is always categorized as grey area
you can do but no one will/should encourage you to

There is a player in telsiai with 20+ alt…
Just imagine the profit per week from just no effort uphill.
Use badge upgrade leg card and sell to market is one of the way or current event where you just AFK popo…
Sound tedious but the effect is, near zero TP spending, always rank WBR and Join-Strike.
It actually not that hard to login logout.

Beyond this I am just ranting... no need to read any further

Around 2 years ago, I see this as a minor abuse which I just half-close my eyes since people just create just 1 alt for fun, or 3 to 4 for shop. But, when this kind of 20 alt players come out front, it opened my eyes how far people willing to go for free stuff just to stay ahead of others in player to player competition and doing TOS as a side income.

After the silver remove, TBL and Feud is pretty much dead in Telsiai. Quite an irony… :shushing_face: and just a scout with all full head to toe +21 gears dominate TBL which is now bored to death due to no competition.

GTW rank in telsiai also is pretty much set in stone. Low population server shows more guild competition than telsiai.

Funneling became a grey area largely because we as players are not instinctively thought it will give a bad effect to community. We don’t view people and our friends who make alt account as horrendous and disgraceful as people who are doing bot. Developer already made their stand about funneling, but we never saw any permanent ban. GM always walks around time to time in the server, next to an obvious a same player with multiple stack of shops.

At the same time, it is also a convenient way to ease the burden of others especially in a guild, to have multiple account shops and camps set up for their members. Improvement was made in past years to lessen our needs to use alt account for these niche services or use it as money generator. However, porting new function to steam is not as easy as inserting hard drive and press install, since there is bug fix; system and hardware compatibility. Even adding a costume can lead to a bug.

HOWEVER, I do think they need to move fast, way faster than before. New MMO from big developer keep popping up. There’s a lot of fish to be catch and IMC Nexon keep using old primitive idea to catch the fish. If the top people start to think as a gamer; not as a developer; not as a businessman; stop selling power; prioritize community over whale and never satisfied in what they delivered; players may want to stick around longer, player base may increase, and IMC NEXON can hire more staff.

The strength of mmo is on community, and TOS create an amazing social interaction within their game, but its 2021 now, and community function keep getting outdated even faster. 64 bit may open a new boundary to explore but I don’t know what is their vision for the game in 10 years. Ragnarok Online still exist and played after nearly 8 years in steam, 18 years from first released but the last time I leave iro, it is unbreathable with power selling and money hungry developer. TOS will still going to exist for long but to what state than now? That’s something we need to see. TOS is not Ragnarok, that is for sure, but they are just like a different type of noodles. Stringy food that cook and eaten differently.

Though, I’m still waiting the day they give telsai free thousands of megaphone like 2 years ago… :drooling_face:

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We all know why klaipeda is 97/100 population during the new year attendance event. All those alts claiming the free master cards. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding of this game terms, you can’t.

but in reality, nobody (except players that won’t need leeching alts) cares. even GMs, unless they caught you RMTing