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Move Wugushi to Cleric


Knock knock

Anyone using wugushi there?


Can borrow for synergy with PD?



on a serious note… that class is garbage for every OP mergen now, can you pls move them to cleric tree? or maybe even synergy the wugushi with PD? i think clerics will value wugu better than archers

rmb old chinese kungfu movie? yep we alr curing poison with another poison since ages ago, so it makes sense if wugu is in cleric tree

some medicine is actually a poison inside

Hello @HGl25,

We will forward your suggestion to the development team for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future. Thank you.

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Dont take my precious wugushi nooooooo


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Another poison/phys class in cleric would be great actually, I don’t know how they could fix wugushi as it is right now honestly, particularly because there’s just not a good way to force a vaivora on those weapon agnostic archer classes without really big changes (or just making them trinkets which IMC seems loathe to do).

Just add a similar kind of class to cleric and fix wugushi in a different way.

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though i like the idea cause im a cleric guy
this will be like linker/enchanter become scouts and my beloved taoist become wiz situation again
imo they can keep wugushi so the tree can have at least one DoT style class
and buff pd instead. to the roof haha

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Well I’ll leave my opinion about Wugushi and Zealot (ye, Zealots).

Wugushi AND Zealot should be Magic DPS type Clerics. Maybe for Zealot, you can throw ARTS Magical Stat (same like Paladin).

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