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Mouse Controls (rant)

Please for the love of god fix the damned mouse controls. Back in 2017 when I played this game, the mouse controls were bad. Now the only difference is that you can HOLD Shift to not interact with UI… Really? I still encounter the buggy unpathable patches of terrain after all this time.

List of mouse function changes desired:
-Mouse not interacting with the UI should be toggleable and remappable.
-Mouse buttons need to be mappable.
-Mouse movement should be settable to force move.
-Mouse movement should not fail to work when clicking on invalid move locations.
-Character to face mouse direction (when stationary).

Currently due to the way mouse movement works I am either forced to use keyboard for movement (Which is also pretty bad for movement, but that’s a limitation of keyboard) or HOLD my mouse button down so I don’t stagger and fail to move. This can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. It is not comfortable to hold a mouse button for prolonged lengths of time.

These features should of been implemented and ironed out years ago. For a top down RPG to not even have workable mouse and keyboard functionality is sad. I am dumbfounded by the sheer incompetence of what ever “management” there appears to be at IMC.

Functionality is the key to a fun gaming experience. No amount of loot or shiny crap can cover for poor mechanics.

Oh and can IMC remove this dumb auto enable “Draw Shadow” when ever I log in? I really don’t want an unoptimised, resource hogging, black splodge under my character that kills my FPS. Is that enough emphasis for how bad Draw Shadow is?

The fact things like these are still an issue after 3 years while bombarding me with “deals” only reveals the contempt IMC have for its customers.