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Moringporia is impossible to kill

I’m loving the events and all of the update stuff the devs have added. I’m also excited for what’s coming! I keep saying it but you can feel the love the devs have for the game in the way they keep incorporating cool ideas. TOS is a one-of-a-kind MMO.

But I digress… I think the game SERIOUSLY needs to tweak things to account for active server population. I can’t speak for other servers, but Fedimian can barely put a dent in Moringporia’s health, so we’re basically excluded from the Goddess’ Grace event. It doesn’t make sense to put her in as is when she’s clearly been designed to be mobbed by far more players :cold_sweat:

Excluding Tuesday, where we only got her down to about 60% before she despawned, her health hasn’t dropped below 99%. Players aren’t helping out because they know we don’t have the DPS to kill her before time runs out. I really hope the devs can do something about it. There are a few theoretically fun or self-sustaining game mechanics that immediately fall apart on certain servers because they were designed for a much higher population.

EDIT: On top of everything else, Moringporia is bugged atm in Fedimian. When she’s not one-shotting everyone she’s teleporting back and forth non-stop and taking a fraction of the damage.


At least we now know that we’re actually doing jack all damage because of her defence bug and not her astronomical HP.

EDIT 2: She’s unbugged and we beat her! I can’t say I like the ridiculous amount of HP she has even without the bug or the fight itself (her attacks are fun and interesting, but mashing buttons for literally hours on end to kill a tanky boss isn’t fun by any stretch of the word) but at least we get the goddess emotes.


how much ppl you got? klai got like 30ish or so and kill like 1hour++. honestly the drop isnt that great, its just another casino, and the incoming legend raid will be the remedy.all i care is the shield and i already got the ichor now.

We got a similar amount but we couldn’t do much. We’re fighting her atm and she’s bugged. She’s taking like no damage and just stuck in a cycle where she teleports back and forth on the same path.

Exactly, it’s crazy :sob:

demon lord last 10sec
moringponia is currently either bugged or impossible to kill in fedimian

imc balancing

we also need to know about the hidden “enrage” buff that gives the boss increased attacks and reduced damage taken. We cannot kill the boss if weakly geared characters come and die a lot. That enrage buff disappears only after the boss respawn

same enrage buff gets boruta Boruta is currently bugged on Silute - Please fix

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