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Moringponia -- the good and the bad

So after a week in enraged state, Moringponia went back to her normal state this weekend on Fedimian server. Time to check this new boss and claim the lovely Medeina emotes!

First try – Saturday – the good

There was some shout to encourage everyone on the server to come and help killing the boss, and I managed to join a decent party. The fight took long enough, but in the end we managed to get rank #5 in the fight. We get a cube like for any other world boss and I get my first Moringponia item. Three minutes later, the lottery starts, I check it out of curiosity, spend a couple million silver to get one mystic art page and a weapon box, then get a message about silver waiting in my market retrieve tab. Seven million silver to be precise. Awesome. So I’ve experienced the good part of the event this day:

  • Moringponia is what Boruta should have been from the start – cooperation to kill a powerful foe
  • Fun and challenging boss mechanics – get petrified, teleported around, splattered, engulfed in toxic purple cloud…
  • Simple rewards – items or consumables for set effects, silver for participation
  • Chance to get more rewards through the lottery

Second try – Sunday – the bad

Didn’t have much time to play on Sunday, so when someone mentioned that Moringponia could die in the next hour, I decided to join again. This time though I didn’t have the chance to join a full party and the boss was already at 40% health at that stage. In the end, we didn’t get ranked, which was expected. Of course, there was the lottery still and this time I was willing to spend 10 million silver, but this time the only noticeable item I got was an unique mystic art page – out of 100 tries over 50 were low grade potion boxes then 25 enhancement coupons then a couple blessed gems + shards. Not worth the investment imo. But what I didn’t expect is getting nothing from participation this time. So I’ve experienced the bad part this day:

  • Premade parties for the boss will monopolize the rewards – top 5 parties get a cube, a share of the silver all others will spend on the lottery AND the silver they’ll receive while selling the items they don’t need in the market – this really needs to be addressed, feels like we’re back during the Boruta era when a 70% cutoff was applied leading to the same players getting all the rewards
  • I’ve seen people from those parties actually stay AFK during the whole fight, leaving their teammates do all the job (because they’re strong enough to get top 5 without fighting 100%), which is unacceptable towards the people who come for nothing
  • The lottery is, well, a lottery – sometimes you win big, sometimes you lose big (congrats to our comrade that got a legend Moringponia card from his cube AND THEN the legend Misrus card from the lottery :haha:) – but omigod those Hero potions and enhancement coupons… it’s like a disguised Leticia cube

So in the end it was fun and frustrating. I guess some small adjustements would be enough to make the event better:

  • reward all participants by sharing the silver equitably – even a small compensation would be fine for people who spent their time (sometimes over an hour) and ressources (repairs, buffs, potions…) helping to kill the boss
  • reward participants individually, not per team, to prevent AFK abuse during the event
  • remove Hero potions and enhancement coupons, put the Goddess potions to the lower rank instead – when I heard from a teammate that started to play recently that he spent all his 600k on the lottery to get 6 Hero potion boxes, I feel really bad not having told him to keep his silver for more important stuff :frowning:
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The bad:

-Trying to kill it for an hour non-stop and getting hand pain in the end. We got ranking and got sweet silver, but I got very tired, and my hands were in pain the following day that it made me stop playing. Not worth the physical pain in my opinion. There are more stress free ways to earn silver than punching a pinata for an hour. It’s not fun, not challenging and just makes players tired.

Me and my friend spent around 1 hours to help it to be killed yesterday (I know we were late) and we got nothing at the end. We thought all participants will get proportional silver for their contribution (silver per damage?). (I couldn’t find any information about who get silver rewards on notes or I miss it). We decided to not to participate this thing again (including lottery).

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From 30m invested, 5 pages and 60 coupons on top of these and 10 BGs/70 shards.
The best part? Those potions don’t even work and don’t increase damage, at least the beast ones.



well yeah maybe, but we sure were a very random party on that saturday and still made the cut and I finally got a hint on who makes those enjoyable posts here n then :distinguished:

I am not a fan of HP sponge bosses that take 1-2 hours to kill, there are so many better uses of my time.

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the good : people bringing their pokemon so they can pretend doing damage, while the things spam their skills so anyone can enjoy a mighty 10fps

the better : busting your nuts almost 2h to get rank 1 so you can have crappy gear no one wants and pple who didn’t even tried can roll for the best rewards

the best : 80+ enhancement coupons, 100+ potions boxes that doesn’t work and a very few art pages if you’re lucky. good loots are for people who didn’t show

the imc : praying the all time that it doesn’t bug out of nowhere and become impossible to finish ! and kudos on the moving purple fog, invisible most of the time due to lag :ok_hand:

but the fight is actually fun (if it weren’t for the lag)

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I never went to moringponia (and probably never will) because I dont want the game to play slower than a powerpoint presentation.

Also takes way too long to kill… and then when the Sanctuary buff/bug starts, good luck killing it.

I feel like I got robbed by the goddess grace too. Spent 60m, got 12 art pages, probably never going to spend silver on that again.

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Nice! More people realizing that goddess grace is goddess gambling in disguise~
Curious about what will happen to this machine slot when the ART hype is died out

Moring get killed->Nobody join gambling->Top 5 party get zero silver->Moring live peacefully

They (“Goddess’ Retribution Potion: Beast”) do work.

isnt that against boss only? well, i never really calculate it though

i dont think its a loss when you got coupon,bs,bg and ofc pages. the only loss maybe that potions.

this just like how when they first introduced demon lord.back then it took a while to kill it and people complained about the 2nd phase, but now it only took a minute,some can even solo it and its no longer that fun due to fixed spot and squishy hp

the odd:despite her cute innocent face who knows that goddess has the biggest casino in towna.

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Here on silute she was bugged the whole week with extra armor took about 5-6 hours to kill her. Then the bug stopped for a few days and we killed her a few times in 2 hours. But on Sunday bloody Sunday she went nuts and started instakilling everything in her Path teleporting behind everything that moved and destroying all hope we had with IMC doing something correctly.

I was in Moringponia fight on Sunday and Monday and here’s my thought: sure the silver rewards only for top 5 parties make it pointless for people to join later but I don’t want to make it distribute silver to everyone who is in the fight at the end, rather make it so top 5 get cube and top 8 (or 10) get silver. Cause when we said we need more people to try and kill this boss we mean those Boruta killer from top guild, or at least those with t10 +11 on a good build and not half dozen guy that can’t do anything and sending out their pokemon lagging the whole thing and making half of us VGA-ed. Also one thing more: can we please make it so Moringponia can only teleport player if they attack her once and counter reset after death, cause it’s a pain in the ass yesterday trying to rebuff and got teleported to other side of the map.

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ROFLMAO… I’ve been stockpiling the Goddess ones vs beast to have a better time vs Misrus (100% damage increase and 50% damage reduction)… and you tell me they don’t even work? IMC style :haha:

Hint’s over after I post that reply about succubus… :haha:

Yes the fight is already messy enough with 25+ players that adding summons is not the brightest of ideas…

I disabled all graphical settings except “show other effects” for the fight and it’s much more bearable that way, you should try and see if it works for you.

Another layer of RNG. First day I spent less and got a weapon box, second day I spent more and got 1 page only. Looking at the Fedi market, mystic pages were at 2 mil silver each (someone in our guild bought some for 1.5 mil) yesterday, which is much cheaper than the lottery which also clogs you with trash you will never use. Basically you will spend silver on the lottery if you get ranked because you know you will get that silver back. Otherwise you will feel like you’ve wasted that silver to the frustrating RNG wheel.

Ok I feel better now :slight_smile:

In fact they should also find a way to reward healers in that case because rewarding based on damage wouldn’t work. That was the big issue with Boruta.

please tell me there is a vid, it sounds liek a nightmare I would love to watch

Tried them in boruta, there isn’t the slightest damage increase for me and some other people in my guild confirmed.

You 100% sure?
Weird, maybe it’s “just” Boruta that is bugged or something…

Works on Card Beast Boss

Ive test with velcoffer and it seems to work normally. Think its just boruta then.

Welp yeah clearly they do work here, no clue then, maybe that’s just boruta, very convenient…