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Moring VH (Solo)

I’m asking for a friend, his current build is Exo-Crus-Miko, and he’s been trying to finish Moring VH, but he always run out of Poison Stack because there is no way to dodge the Swap Mechanic and making him miss the Raise Mechanic.

Is there a way to dodge the Swap Mechanic other than using Mouse Mode as shown on Tsugami’s Video?

Is there a way to tank the Swap Mechanic and do Raise after Swap?

How does people with the same build do this Raid?


I’m told that you can use Fade before Moringponia marks you with the purple swap icon (regular Fade). It will remove you from her threat table and cause the Swap to not occur. I do not play a Cleric in end game content, so I have not been able to verify this myself.

It may or may not require an assister on the field.

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it is sad that no cleric main here to pop up instead our sorc-main-blue-bird that have to pop up answering with friends answer

probably because even cleric main using another dps character that is not cleric to do raid content lol.

about cleric doing solo content, or even party one, i myself as previously cleric main have give up [like many of my friend who become wiz meta or patk meta] and switch into patk style dps simply because they are favored by imc and most importantly by players as well for party play. i couldve pick wiz but imc just favored this certain patk class/build that i dont have to mention because everyone in end game seem to know.
you wont find a cleric clear tel harsha in less than 2 minutes videos, but you ll find many patk archetypes do that. simply because most patk skills got simplistic animation and their skills are more spammable, and pyktis is better for bossing while when i played karaliene triukas i cant tell how many force wave missed because the need of dodging mechanic. even when they gonna change triukas to become always active [and also nerf the cd to 5 sec] imo it still wont do the justice.

as for what crevox friend said i never even try it myself but the idea is actually illogical. you need to decrease moringponia hp to certain treshold to trigger its swap and to do so you need to dps. If you cast fade before he trigger swap [during moringponia swap casting time/under purple icon you basically already in its target], you cant dps him cause if you do you lost the fade effect and if you dont moringponia wont reach its hp treshold to trigger swap. and skills like grass,thorn or any dots skill will also remove your fade effect as well. the only possibility by using non attribute fade that i can think of is stopping dps near the treshold, letting your assister hit him hard until moringponia trigger swap. just like how i let my assister dealing those mushrooms and keeping them away lol.

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Before the Swap mechanic, use Fade (without Fade:Shift attribute). You should use it even before the casting animation of Swap. Then keep running away, but not too far since you have to take the Raise tiles in the middle. Tried and it worked.

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Thank you so much for the people who answered! I’m not yet giving up on this class!

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Here’s the full guide for Hard Moringponia Solo version.

Also, you can dodge swap in mouse mode. Just click on the field before you swap into the middle.

Video Guide: