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Moonlight Sparrow: Failure to properly compensate players for IMC mistakes

Note: I was not sure where to post this topic. Upon further review, I think this topic should be moved to Game Suggestions.

I cannot believe that his needs to even be said. My feedback to IMC is that players should be made whole on problems in game that they experience when they are at no fault.

The most recent and blatant case of this is with regard to the Moonlight Sparrow Companion that was part of the Full Moon Package from the [Special] Lunar Package event dated October 27 2020.

These companions were able to be sold on market (for at least a week) only for IMC to subsequently disable market tradability at a later date. This resulted in many players including myself investing in these companions only to be stuck with them.

There was no warning that this would take place nor mention of this in patch notes. Submitting a ticket got you a response that pointed you to their original 2nd November 2020 post about the package. Therefore, their argument is that you should have ignored the fact that this item was available on the market in game and checked on that webpage and noticed the item was not meant to be tradable. A completely unreasonable position.

Further tickets requesting some sort of compensation to be made whole were completely ignored and players were told only that “they would bring this feedback to the relevant Department”.

This is unacceptable. You cannot fault players for assuming that an item that was clearly tradable would continue to be so, especially when that assumption is contingent on a post older than the date where the item was tradable. At the very least, you should have made it clear to all players that this item was unintentionally made tradable (YOUR FAULT) and made it clear to all of us that this would change and give us fair warning. This did not happen.

When something happens that is completely unfair to the players (as would any business with their customers), you have a duty to correct it or give players a fair warning of an impeding change.

I am more outraged by this unfairness then I am about the actual loss. I suggest you change this approach in future so that you do not further alienate players.


Yes this is so unfair to players IMC, if u mistakenly make it tradeable u should just keep it as like that. I really disappointed for what u have done to us. I also have sent ticket regarding this matter and u just replied me with “we regret to inform that we are unable to grant your request and we do not have an option to do so, as much as we want to the option is not available for us”.

Are u kidding me? u said u unable to grant my request while u can change the tradeable option after 1 week? this is unacceptable


This is indeed utter bullshit. IMC is not supposed to just hide the error under the blanket and “correct” the webpage for the Moonlight Sparrow to untradable as an answer to the players. We’re all in the game and witnessed the trade going on for about a week. Bear in mind, to be able to trade Moonlight Sparrow companion also gives the players incentives to purchase the package. This is no different than daylight robbery and cheating your customers. There was no notice/explanation given at all. Instead, all they do is just to say they will take note in the future development. THIS DOES NOT COMPENSATE THE PLAYERS THAT SUFFERED CURRENTLY BY YOUR MISTAKE!! No sense of responsibility and effort seen to compensate the players that are misinformed by your team IMC, this is absolute blatant flaw. Shame on you IMC.


Commom IMC revert this !

still no respond, just wow.

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