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[MONSTER] Prepare for trouble, Savior!

Our favorite moths ready for battle! Tantalizer and Moringponia

Title : Prepare for trouble, Savior!
Server : Silute
Team Name : YunaXD
Monster’s Name : Tantalizer and Moringponia


you know, i just realized mori’s hairstyle have curly bangs OAo!!!

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the concept of the outfits are so on point this one so good <3

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ur art still good every event , fc :heart_eyes:

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I also didn’t know, or rather, I had great problems to see what hairstyle to put on Moring. But a friend entered the raid to take a photo and that’s where the idea came from.

And… thank all for the nice comments! <3


I like your take on them! Purple is one of my favorite colors. And Tantalizer’s hair looks so cool and fitting.

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