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[Monster] Finding Merregina

Title: Finding Merregina
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Chaplain


Initial sketch

I’ve made merregina humanoid, although I don’t know if this fits on the overall theme, but I believe taking away her tail deletes the overall appeal of merregina.

I had an idea of merregina finding nemo thus the theme :^)

Thanks for dropping by!

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the amount of oppai in this picture is below standard. please add more.

Cleavage will do

" What if monsters were human?!"

This is still a mermaid…

Made some edits based on the suggestions above.

hmmm why not put her inside her clam still ?

or you can make her wear gowns as replacement of her tail.

yeah the finding nemo thing i get it :haha:

she looks so pure xD nice job .


if you are viewing or voting this art, I’m here to inform you that I’ve already made a decision to quit the game.

I’ve played this game since beta started and had a few hiatus here and there, but I’ve always lurked and look for new patches within the game. There’s no game that hooked me this much, I love the story, the lore, the gameplay, the friends that you meet, and the all salty drama that we encounter.

I’ve made the conscious decision of quitting this game through destroying all of my equipment and sharing my items to our ReichgebeitArmy guild storage to somehow remember me by. I’ve been with this guild for the better 3/4 of all my time in the game. And I love all of them.

I know some of you might make the assumption that I’m quitting due to the game balance, but however that’s only one part of the reason that I’m officially quitting. I know since the gacha boxes the game hasn’t been the same since, I’ve literally held on to the broken promises that the game won’t be p2w.

I’ve felt like the more time I spent on the game, the more I’m not accomplishing anything in real life, I guess it’s a part of growing up. You will have more responsibilities and you are hit with a realization that gaming for 5-10 hours is not possible anymore.

I’ve asked myself, is it worth it to play this game, lets say for another 5 to 10 years?

With all the limited time I have on this earth, I’ve realized that playing ANY online game is not worth it anymore, any game that has no ending and which the story continues on and on after patches is not worth playing. I’m afraid that in my deathbed I would realize that I wasted all my time playing online games and have not experienced the real in life game that I should have.

Whenever I could, I always submitted Fan Art contest submission since it started. This would be my final and last submission. Funny thing is that this art contest actually motivated me to improve my art by a lot. I’m not dreaming to be a digital artist but I saw this as an opportunity to earn some tp since I was a broke college student 6 years ago. I haven’t improved that much but I wish this art piece convey all the passion and dedication that I’ve poured into this game.

Thanks for all the memories, and I hope you well savior.


pat pat ‘w’/ ah best wishes miw / w \

just take it easy, it is just a game, and it is meant for relaxing

either way i am glad to hear you’re doing better in your artwork :satisfaction: