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[Monster] Coronation

Title of the Artwork: Coronation
Server: Silute
Team Name: Winderie
Monster’s Name: Popo Hibert Walker Schofieldu IV (King Popolion), Popolion, Orange Popolion

The heaviest Popolion is chosen as a King, and they love it~
Coronation ceremony is for Popolions only! Disguise yourself well if you want to go~


nyahaha XD fake popolion spotted >wO



ur art so cute, looks at queen of popolion :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahaha he took off his hood and they noticed he was not one of them ;_; Carefuul <3

Thank youu <3 I’m glad you liked it! Next time we need a Popo Queen ><

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I love the details u put!! haha its so adorable <3

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Thank you so much <3!
I’m happy you found it adorable! I did my best <3