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[Monster] Blasting Zone

Title: Blasting Zone
Server: Klaipeda
Team Name: Havocsong
Monster: Mineloader

I loved this prompt and had a lot of fun starting with a boss monster that’s not even remotely humanoid to begin with! Here’s Mineloader doing what she does best: covering my screen in fire and lasers.


omg this tank look so good

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Wow that looks really cool. Never thought i’d see Mineloader of all things :joy:

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Thank you so much! It was either this or Linkroller with 6 hula-hoops lol

oooh~ this is rare Owo!!! very nice X3

speaking of mineloader

i want a ridable modified minelever with a cart and stuff ; w ;

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Thank you, Aono!

A minelever companion would be brilliant lol, I’d love to have one of those too. I’d also take a full sized mineloader but only if the top spun the rider around when it moved. :thinking:

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