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Monk attribute to hide weapon

It would be really cool if Monk class had an attribute that would make player hide his weapon when standing idle in combat.

This attribute would be purely visual.
It’s purpose would be to add immersion when playing a Monk class.
Your character would look ready to do battle with his fists instead of his weapon.

Right now, holding a weapon as Monk looks silly since your character is putting it away with every punch you make and then pulls it out again.

This is how it looks currently in game:

This is how it should look with new Monk attribute enabled:


When in Double Punch stance, I guess this looks better. I hope IMC hears about this.

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Monk mains have been asking for this (basically a bare-handed stance) for as long as since the beginning of ToS. Re:Build was the perfect time to attempt implementing such things with Double Punch being turned from a skill into a Stance, but to no avail.

IMC has never listened to this for that long as well, so I’ll pray in high hopes IMC actually listens this time.

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isnt that stance when you use double punch? well been so long since i play monk but if iirc that stance below is double punch stance.
i wonder if there is many kr monk bias player in krtos as well. well if the request is from itos i know it will less likely get implemented but if its krtos i knew theres a chance.but it seems krtos monk players doesnt really care about this nor suggesting it aggressively

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Nope, the second one is only the stance when no weapon is equipped. I’ve also played monk since the game started and double punch doesn’t change the stance of the character ever since. Well, I have sent many tickets about suggestions before and eventually most of the time IMC implements them (though it took a long time). Maybe there were many requests for it too. I guess we just need more demand from the players. It isn’t much of a change though, so I assume it will be easy to implement.

Druid atribute to hide demi lycan, why am i flag :v

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What the monk really needs is a combat stance, in the double punch skill.

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