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Monk, add to double punch a combat stance

playing with a friend we found it disappointing, that the double punch when activated, doesn’t have a combat stance, because when it’s active, you always see the weapon, I understand that you see the weapon when using skills that require it, but when using double punch, the character should have a stance according to that


I also find it disappointing myself. I was hoping for something similar to Nak Muay’s stance, where the weapon looks like it being sheathed instead.

It might sounds picky of me to say this, but it kinda takes the romance from playing Monk to begin with.


Monk mains have been asking for a bare-handed stance since the beginning of Tree of Savior. Sadly, IMC still hasn’t given Monks one to this day.

There were various attempts, especially a certain instance when staff was on forums asking for suggestions and ideas, by Monk mains to feedback on how to improve Monk, one of the many ideas being a bare-handed stance. Out of the many ideas given, only 3 minor ideas were implemented in the end after that instance, 2 of them being nothing much in the first place.

Months later after that certain instance, IMC released Thailand Tree of Savior and made Nak Muay as a new class to promote the new server. The Nak Muay class contains almost every suggestion Monk mains have given, such as a bare-handed stance, the weapon staying behind the character, combo skills, punches and kicks, and so on.

If anything, that’s where Monk’s combat stance ended up at. Either IMC never listened as always, or IMC made a whole new class out of Monk main suggestions and ideas to promote Thailand Tree of Savior (the server closed last year too).


Well, at least I feel better knowing that people have tried before to suggest this. I was worried that since it just minor, aesthetic thing, no one ever felt bothered with it.

Although, since people has been asking for this previously with no response so far, I guess it’s also pretty safe to say that it wouldn’t ever came to realization.