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Mob with over 5k Mdef pls fix

i see a loot of mobs like bunkeybo from phamer forest or black siaulav mage from kulea peak who have a loot of m def i try to stamate with Rune of destruction and they loocks like to have over 5k may be between 7-10 k of Magic def. soo… how i can finish quest if they askme to kill that kind of mob :frowning:

You party up, the new maps are all party oriented, unfortunately. Something about kToS becoming a Kirito Land was bothering some people, well i do agree that being able to solo take out the meaning of MMO, but forcing it into us is not the solution.

Might as well delete all magic attack spells and make wizard/cleric tree pure support.


i hope they add more stuff more mdef mobs plz

makes it more interesting, mobs with different stats.

This is so dumb. How the hell do they expect normal players to get parties???

As parties usually require min maxed meta builds with all BiS +15 or above gears etc.
Party should not be required for main quests and basic game progression


so agree to this.

we should still have an option to solo MAIN quests.

they should re-balance this. this is poor game design. these kind of stats in mobs hinder character progression.

yes, a challenge is always welcome but if this continues, “challenging” will very soon become “frustrating”.

the key here is BALANCE.

They don’t… Only ET parties ask for things like that. And that’s not even always the case.
And you certainly don’t need an OP gear and meta build to complete the new quests as a party.
It definitely needs some more balancing, but saying it’s impossible to do except if you join some OP party isn’t true at all.

Parties are needed to grind, most people have been partying up for some quests, especially support builds… so why not ?
I don’t think that, as an MMO, you should be able to totally solo everything from the beginning to the end. You need some limits.
Being able to easily solo/duo a few things, sure, but not everything.

For the balance I do agree though. Sometimes there are too many MATK mobs that gang up on you (and that’s totally stupid since they have tons of attack and the only way to survive a magical gangbang is to have some sort of shield), and also the mobs have too much HP and defense (it should be like 80% HP and 20% defense or the opposite, a balance, not full HP and full defense).

the problem is…u will not find a party to quest all day?..if u are hardcore player yes u spend ur entire day for the game…if u are casual player then good luck finding pt when u are free to play…

party team play should only be meant to be use in Dungeon or bossing…to have party as a core to questing is bad…because player need quest to stay up on level and get card to eat if they dont want to grind.

a mob with 400-700k hp is just a joke for support and tank player to finish…while dps can finish good luck having incoming atk with 2-5k each hit…while swordie can keep alive archer will hurt as hell.

what should be balance is the HP and the atk…even in kalajimas to finish 100k mob already is a pain…with a little damage boots they expect us to do quest with 400k mob…

and what is worst is main quest boots incoming mon with 700k hp and 3-5k atk and defend for 2m…


based on what i have experienced, they should reduce monsters stats by around 30-50%.

like last night, quests at Inner Wall District (Level 279 map) was close to impossible to complete. had two full parties helping each other. two supports, two tanks and lots of DPS. we couldn’t get passed those matk mobs who were around 10 levels below us at average.

that is just plain stupid. we need balance now for crying out loud!

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like last night, quests at Inner Wall District (Level 279 map) was close to impossible to complete. had two full parties helping each other. two supports, two tanks and lots of DPS. we couldn’t get passed those matk mobs who were around 10 levels below us at average.

That actually sounds kind of fun tbh… like old school mmo fun. I think if people were able to grind for other things and still get some kind of progress along the way they wouldn’t mind this type of scenario.

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its really gg!!!dont have party help me do quest

Pretty much me. :cry:

I can only play after midnight and during these times almost everyone else is either asleep, done with dailies or only partying w/ guildies.

The only solution I can find is to move to a guild with a decent number of players you can party up w/ at the time you’re available.

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Well, you should look on this. making game a little more hard isn’t bad but actually this is just too much for most of your players. This work only now because actually we all doing this quests. But what will be later? Please rework stats from mobs as soon as possible.

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Im just wondering, what kind of gear do you guys have for it to be too difficult?
659 mdef
This one is high, but only half of 5k. 2486

That’s why I’m rerolling to an Inquisitor. Or maybe a dragoon2.

Enjoy rerolling again at next rank huehuehue

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They should buff skills that reduce def and mdef to decrease more mdef.
I mean, the amount is really good at the lower levels, but it falls off so fast that it’s not really useful later on. I mean, -150 mdef on 5k mdef monsters is like a glass emptied in a bucket…

  • there are so many attributes that reduce physical def by 30-50%, but I can’t remember any good mdef-reducing skill that shaves off 30-50%.
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I’m used to it, I played Diablo 3.

Cleric is the only class that wont be shafted at any type of rebalancing, unless they decide to nerf heal

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