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Mob with over 5k Mdef pls fix

I don’t dislike some difficulty and high magic resit mob.
But thing is… Monster have a absurb amount of magic resit meaning Low Base magic spell won’t be able to hurt them much whitout an abssurb amount of MATK to counter it. (Even trying you could still hurt for 1 damage)
Physical weapon got more ATK than MATK weapon (In most case)
Monster of the same lv have half or less of this amount in Physical resit.
3k Magic resit > 1k Physical resit (True case and most are similar to it)

I’m not complagning how hard it is for mage to hurt them…
I’m complaning about the balance between Physical and Magical dps.

Balance is suppose to be
Magic = Physic
Magic > Physic (R7)
Physic > Magic (R8)

Well… At least swordie can shine now :3

Pyro3/Chrono3/Sage… (Me)
300 Base damage spell vs 2-3k Magic resit o-o…

Any … Thaum around ? I need this sweet sweet 500 MATK
THAUM NEW META !!! R8 who said they gona fall down ?
Scalling ? What that !!!

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Once you get agni necklace you will be fine. Not in game yet though.

I need to be sure, how does agni calculate damage? If it applies after matk modifier then most pyros will still do 1 damage against the mage mobs lol

Works just like quick cast attribute, but additive with quick cast. From what ive read.

Just need better weapon and not be full con.

not too bad I guess. we shall SEE

i mean the mob are buged. dontk care how much Mdef supoust to have they have somuch more

what is your build, stat allocation and weapon? just wondering.

wizz 3 cryo piro kino RC enchanter with over 1700 matk and i del over 3.5k with basic atk. but only deal 1 to every kind of that mobs

Sure agni will boost the damage alot
But like said some mob still have alot of magic resit
And the modifier are applied after (MATK - MDF) soo 300% of 0 still 1 damage.

Will see, I’m trying to get a 315 weapon(Staff probably) + transcend to 40%…

Right now, +9Sup Corona and 1/5 Con/Int soo i’m far from full con still doing 1 damage vs some high magic resit mob.

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lol if this is true the agni necklace and whatever ice or other versions of it doesn’t help against those high resist mobs at all.

Next patch SPR adds %magic pen. Every magic class is triggered.


I wouldnt mind this though… but they would have to change the way drain spells work, ie hell breath, psy pressure.