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Mergen's DPS table


No wonder Spread shot gem price is more expensive than zenith gem’s

because zenith gem must be put at weapon/subweapon (which slot is better for red gems)

and homing arrow although yield higher DPS, but the charge time make it positioned to the end of combo

Since this piques my interest, I think the dps table might only be applicable of you are hitting one target.

It becomes a different story when mobbing with high AAR, since Homing arrow will hit more for example. Then Spreadshot richochet.

Not to mention with Aiming, Triple Arrow is stronger due to the explosions hitting “more” mobs because their hitboxes are bigger.

No one knows how to compute those… How I wish we can, it just goes messy when based on mobbing.

correct! It is DPS for single target. To my surprise, their DPS are higher than hunter’s
oh, i forgot to factor in homing arrow charge time x3OH to its CD, its DPS should be lower

You may wanna revise homing arrow again

Skill balancing in ktest plans to make it x2 more SFR at the cost of immobility

Alright I guess?

2279+60%= 3646
3646x5hit x3oh= 54696%
divide by 25 sec CD
DPS= 2187%

Check Mikumos ktest link

still subject to change tho, because it is ktest plan. Take it with graaaaaaaain of salt

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Triple arrow:
(explosion damage)
Take 80% of damage rounded down as patk, then calculate damage using this value with SFR of 100%
Crits uses your crit patk
Deals 50% damage on ghost armour (tested on Viskal, lv425)

(Triple arrow: triple)
Splits each of the three arrows into 2-6 false multihits
Starts at 2 multihits, increasing +1 for each 5 aoe attack ratio, up to 6 multihits
Explosions use the total damage from the 2-6 false multihits

Spread shot:
Arrow bounces uses 50% of total SFR
e.g. (1403% x 5) from tooltip gives 3507.5% SFR for bounces

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Wow thank you so much for this! Gold!

Mergen is symbol of bow user, need to high srf skill, i not agree if nerfed, since musket is top archer weapon, bow need below rank of musket but not far

cant wait for fletcher vvr implemented in itos,