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Mergen: where to invest level 440+ skill points?

The two skills I don’t have maxed are Triple Arrow (10/15) and Arrow Sprinkle (5/10). Should I use my 3 extra points on the former or the latter?

Hmm maybe Arrow Sprinkle then. It’s still fine vs bosses…

Hold on! So you already maxed the rest of mergen skills?
spread 15
homing 10
downfall 15
zenith 5

thats already 45 point skills, how can you still have triple 10 and sprinkle 5? total 60 point?!

I was assuming no one is skilling Down Fall and forgot it ever existed :wink:

Uhhh dont you find Homing arrow to be annoying to channel during fights? I skipped it even though it has a higher sfr and max triple arrow instead XDDD

Many people do have that gripe against homing arrow… also makes you vulnerable and with the new patch coming, immobile whole channeling…

But I like it’s gameplay and style. And higher SFR coming… maybe it will be worth with Dalia but that feels like relying top much on one skill

New homing arrow can move while charging.
Spiral ART cant move
btw, homing is charging, not channeling, so dalia set not affecting it

Here is my skill

Spread shot 15
Homing arrow 10
Triple arrow 5 + 3 free skill
Arrow sprinkle shower: 10
Zenith : 5
Downfall: 0

AAR: 19++

All is good.

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Hahahaha what the hell

Anyhoo when you say “new homing arrow can move while charging”, homing arrow has always let you move EVEN WHILE charging ever since

and here you are, the first one and only person in this thread who said this: homing arrow, new patch coming, immobile whole channeling… MISLEADING!!
Which part of homing arrow is channeling??

You even think homing arrow is compatible with Dalia channeling set?? Wrong in so many level, mistaking homing arrow charging as channeling. Homing arrow has always never been a channeling skill ever since.
Imagine a newbie read your wrong statement and craft Dalia set hoping for +400% of homing arrow dmg, shame on you adrian!

Chill the ■■■■ out dude. Haha dafuq wrong with you, I think you need to take a break from ToS

And how is it misleading? It’s a forum and it was my opinion. I didn’t force it down someone else’s throat.

I didn’t make a thread telling people to do this, do that like you do with some of your posts.

I said some minor detail wrong you go all out on me. Want to be technical with language? Bring it on mate.

If you made a mistake, admit it like a true gentleman and apologize. Simple as that. I dont need you to teach me homing arrow has always let you move EVEN WHILE charging ever since, when you don’t even know that homing arrow was never a channeling skill to begin with.
You said chill out, but look at yourself, losing temper because someone correcting you.
Grown up, dude! Too much gaming makes your replies look childish.

Anyway, lets not derail further from the thread, i already corrected your mistake, that is enough for community.

Apologize to who though…to you? ah mate, you know for sure who I am in game just PM me if you’ve got issues with me haha.

to be frank i dont know who you are in game, and if you arent crystal clear enough, i dont have issue with you at the time i writing this.

Leaving it here.