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Medeina's Arbor Day

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Medeina’s Arbor Day’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

At least after the 5th anniversary headache, i know its simpler than it looks at first.

From now on all events will be a simple copy-paste:

  • use a complicated diagram
  • collect stuff from content + AFKing (with the same message about popolion badges)
  • exchange for points
  • buy expirables from event shop
  • get a few freebies

Yes the event is sequential this time: exhange for currency, buy stuff, exchange for points, enhance shop, repeat. However it’s also crappier, there’s pretty much nothing of interest to get in the shops. The main interest is leveling up a new character for the free ark and reputation coupons…

more like

  • do 10 cm’s everyday
  • afk 3 hours

Much easier now than last event XD

that diagram really needs some good old graphic for details details … not like a troubleshooting script …

free arts tomes are always something worth getting from the event. 14 arts levels save me 70 blessed gems and 28 tome pages. As someone who still needs to bring two minor arts to lvl 30 this is enough reason to participate (+ the free ep 12 set to try out a different build on an alt).

I must say that the log in rewards from 22nd to 25th are the best things from the whole event. 3 guaranteed black gems make res sacrae so much better.

I’ve just calculated amount of sprout you can earn (if you’re aiming for S rank shop).

You can unlock S rank shop by 17th day of event. 16 days you will earn the normal sprout amount (1000 sprouts). then on the 17th day, you can exchange the extra 200 event items needed to increase the event shop to become 200 sprouts. thus, on 17th day you earn 1200 sprouts.

beyond 17th day onwards (18th days until the end of event) you can exchange the twig/leaf/essence for extra 600 sprouts, so you can earn 1600 sprouts per day.

total days of event are 44 days (including the 6 hours time before maintenance begin, you can earn sprouts). 16 days for 1000 sprouts, 1 day only on 17th day for 1200 sprouts, and the rest 27 days for 1600 sprouts. if my calculation is correct, it should be like this :

16000 + 1200 + (27 * 1600)

earning you total of 60400 sprouts until the end of the event.

Correct me if I’m wrong about calculation!

Daily exchange point for shop is 600 + 1000 sprouts … guess we save the sprouts till we open the s rank or buy those epi 12 scrolls first …

to open S rank shop, you have to spend that 600 from twig/leaf/essence to upgrade the shop, NOT to exchange it to sprout.

Problem is… you don’t know how many sprouts you’ll ahve at the end and you can’t go back once you’ve opened a higher shop tier. Basically you need to wait for the last day and then buy from C then B then A then S.

Yes exchange 600 per day till you get 10k points …

you can use this calculation, then check the sprout needed from the event page here ( )

The option (Ep 12-1 Scroll Shop) came very late, many people already used the reward and chose the weapons that were better at the time, for example I would choose other weapons because of this event. This option is totally obsolete for me and I believe for many other players too, because it took too long to get here. I think the NPC should allow the arms exchange of the 12-1 reward, so it would make more sense to have this store. Good game for all.

Not if you checked the actual events on KTOS. You can see what events we are going to get and what rewards will be there and plan accordingly.

The only thing that is pretty bad is that iTOS has no sort of translated preview of what is about to come, so we have to be independent in gathering information from KTOS in order to stay informed.
In the days of online translation that isn’t asking for the impossible, but people who never dug up information for other games like Ragnarok Online, who have a similarly crooked information policy for their regional releases, will probably not be accustomed to doing research and statistical calculations just for a game.

makes no sense. It’s not like you can easily switch weapons on a lot of builds, so if you picked a weapon as a new player, it would’ve been for your main character and its main class. At the point you reached lvl 440 you would’ve known which weapon to pick exactly.
If you picked the episode reward for an alt character because it was weaker than the episode 11 reward initially, you didn’t really lose that much since you can still get the lvl 440 weapons the normal way by crafting, magic stones and especially Brikynites/Glacia hearts are nowhere as expensive as they were initially.

Yes, the free vaivora fixed ichor loss is a shame, but at the same time you can then at least expand on the new weapon (lv 2+ vaivora, t10 and +16 upgrade as well as high star count gems).

The armor choice is probably still valid (I guess none would choose cloth armor for a CM/DS/DCP focused armor set) and can be shared for auto-matching with alts.

That episode 12-1 scrolls … I dunno what to do with them XDD … already got the freebie Episode 12-1 Savinose rewards months ago … wish it could be used on other free savi armors from Events past … could use those free vaivora and set for my priest …

As anyone who participated in the previous event. This is meant as a “bandage” for new players, as I suppose they will be included in the episode 12-2 rewards once that is released (which would make sense). And maybe the “free ark” we get will be inside episode 13 reward pool?

I only have one account where I have 24 characters level 440+, now you should understand me better. That wind should have come at the time the 12-1 reward was released and not now after a long time.

But the event came late, the only solution for those who have many characters like me and have already used the reward and have a way to exchange the reward.

I no play or see KTOS hehehe, just here.

Thanks for reply :sunglasses:

What are you talking about?
The rewards of Episode 12-1 came with the event that added the scrolls, exactly on the same day.
look here:
patch notes, 9th of February 2021
event note 9th of February 2021

I don’t like to defend IMC, but in this case they released the items together with the very same event that added the scrolls. Then there were no new scrolls for 5 weeks.
The number of people who started playing within these 5 weeks must be pretty low, and even if they started then, they had access to an event that gave them access to free vaivora and free +11 T8 weapon & savinose dysnai set (which is equal to the ep 12 set) so there was virtually no loss for people who came late (except maybe for the subweapon vaivora and the requirement to farm some Pamoka solution for the set effects; there’s also the RNG involved in ichoring the vaivora, but at least that ichor can be leveled and transfered to the main weapon later on,unlike the scroll).

Thank you very much, I really returned to play in March, thus losing this event. I just find it strange to repeat the same event, for me it seemed to be the first time hahahaha, I read the patch only when I’m playing. Anyway, the Shop Event will help, I’ll just ignore the Scroll Shop hehehe nothing there currently serves me.

Have a nice game.

I’m more curious can you REROLL the 12-1 weap you already picked a vvr effect on?

yes you can. I tried changing mine from renovate trigger to Cryo bullet. It did.

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