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🎖 Noches Feedback and Suggestion for the Future GVG

  • Team Name:Noches

  • Character Name:Kero

  • Class Build:Cleric C2 / Priest C2 / Monk C2 / Plague Doctor C1 / Inquisitor C1 / Zealot C1

  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz, 4001 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)

  • RAM: 32.0 GB

  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Internet Connection Speed: 15.28 Mbps

  • Country/State: Canada

I will list all the problems and solutions for a nice GvG

The 3 Major problems are:

  • Poor Optimization
  • Poor Rewards
  • Poor Mechanics

1- Optimization


I don’t know what kind of tests IMC have done but it seems like nothing has changed much.However,I do feel some improvement but I am not satisfied with it at this stage of the game.The game was out a long time ago we know as players and the Devs knew that optimization was needed asap.We get players in the GvG map standing still because of the lag or lag spikes.Some skills are delayed by 1 second or aren’t cast/perform at all.In some cases skills were completely lock off with random CD timers on them,like for example seing a 3 mins CD flashing 3 minutes.The most important part in GvG is having a clean smooth battle without lags and bugs.


Try to have the Dev team actually play TOS with us and join GvG and feel it for themselves rather they test it within each other.The new optimization videos looks nice and all but when you actually play the game you feel like its not same as what was demonstrated in their videos.I must say you guys are going backwards when it comes to optimization because I have to admit I feel it got a LITTLE better but it’s still horrible as a whole.Get to know the community (like really get to know us).Listen to us and have some interviews with some us that knows how to deliver you guys some good feedback.If you want your game to succeed then listen and observe.

2 - Rewards


I am not sure what exactly the new rewards for GvG are in the future but I do know taking off the TP reward was the right call even though my old guild was always number 1 and we were given so much TP.The GvG rewards should be a grind and involving GvG/PVP and cosmetics (why not for more cash for you guys).People want to GvG for the experience,fun and rewards.Giving no purpose or poor rewards turn off players to not participate in GvG.Here is my ideas for GvG rewards.

A new GVG/TBL (PVP) Gearing and weaponize system
The shop will have these to buy from with PVP medals (PVP Medals can get from TBL and GvG) and War Trophies

  • Talt
  • GVG Defense turrets recipies lv 1-10
  • GvG Offense Summon contracts that only attacks the turrets Lv 1-10
  • PVP Gear Recipe Tier 1-3 that has a new stat called "Valor*
  • PVP Weapon Recipe Tier 1-3 that has a a new stat called "Valor*
  • A bunch of cosmetics(Wings/Hats/costumes/Off hand stuff/etc) for your characters and castles
  • GVG Guild Flags/Banners (Guild Leader can only purchase this once per week)
  • Gear Tier 1-3 and Weapon Tier 1-3 mats
  • Guild Reset Name ticket (Guild Leader can only purchase this once per week)
  • Guild Change Emblem ticket (Guild Leader can only purchase this)
  • Guild Tower that has the option to be showed in the warp map whenever you want to warp from a statue (Guild Leader can only purchase this)
  • Battle Strategy Permit (Allow to put shops and camp inside the guild hideout) Duration 24H with same CD 24H
  • Healing and Buff Consumables
  • Bless Shards (only can purchase X amount per week)
  • Silver and Dazzling Anvils
  • Copper that can be sold for a lot of silver
  • Attribute tickets
  • New Companions (Crow/Dragon/Eagle/Frog/Monkey/etc)
  • Scroll to Hire certain NPC’s for your village (Guild Leader can only purchase this once per week)

Here is an example how you would gain a piece of gear or weapon with the new system

You gain enough PVP medals to buy the Recipe and mats from the NPC shop.

Tier 1 Gloves = Tier 1 Gloves Recipe+Mats
Tier 2 Gloves = Tier 1 Gloves + Tier 2 Glove Recipe +Mats
Tier 3 Gloves = Tier 2 Gloves + Tier 3 Recipe + Mats

The same thing for the weapons.Each Tier will have a unique prefix to it.And every like 6 months or so you will introduce a new Tier 3 and take off The old Tier 1.And if you feel that players are getting to Tier to fast then introduce 2 or 3 new tiers to have them grind more.

Valor will be a boots of every stats that would only be activated in PVP zones and do nothing in PVE contents.So that way PVE and PVP will be seperate.The PVP gear and weapons won’t be as strong as the PVE stuff with it comes to doing PVE and the PVE gear/weapon would not be nearly as good has the PVP stuff when it comes to TBL and GvG.

Grade rewards

A = 30 PVP Medals for each player that participated and Guild Leader gets 100 War Trophies
B = 15 PVP Medals for each player that participated and Guild Leader gets 50 War Trophies
C = 10 PVP Medals for each player that participated and Guild Leader gets 25 War Trophies
D = 5 PVP Medals for each player that participated (Normalize Gear/Weapon map) and Guild Leader gets 15 War Trophies

PVP Medals/PVP Gear/PVP weapon can’t be trade/sold/transfer
Your Guild must be lv 10 + to participate in Grade A/B/C and your guild must be under lv 10 to participate for Grade D.The grind for the gear and weapons should be slow

For beginner guilds that wants to start GVGing can fight on the Grade D maps to help them get some GVG experience and rewards.

I remember the staff said they will going to have some housing in the game later in the future where you can customize your house and all.Why don’t do that and go further and bring a castle/village map that is only available to the winning guild.With a castle and village comes with perks such as


  • You gain Exp boost if you rest there for an hour to gain 100-300% exp buff for 1 hour per day for only 1 character
  • Village also has npc’s that shows up at certain times to give you discounts on items (pots.scrolls,all the basic stuffs)
  • Discount on master attributes
  • Get 1 Free Class,Skill and Stat reset per week and per team


  • Be able enter an exclusive dungeon once per week that the difficult depends on the grade of the tower you conquered and there is 3 types floors.The floor one will have a low chance to drop mats for tier 1 gear and weapon and the bosses will have also a low chance to drop tier 1 recipes.Tier 2 and 3 will also do the same thing but obvious with different tiers.The mobs and bosses with be difficult and your PVP will also benefit in this area because it would be consider a PVP zone even though there is no PVP happening.The rewards will be extra PVP medals and War Trophies with a very low chance of dropping a gear or weapon of tier 1-3.The higher the grade is the higher the drops will be for the mats and recipes.

  • Able to customize the outside and inside of your castles with npcs (decorations) and furniture and such.

3 - Mechanics


I feel like you guys tried to have a GVG base on objective but it seems like the guild with the best gear or more players wins 80% of the time.When I was in the territory war field, the air felt more like a BATTLE ROYAL rather than Guild Vs Guild.I feel like GvG should be about more strategy and planing than killing other player.You got the Boss that spawns a certain time that once you kill you don’t get buff (bug) and you got the Amplifiers which was a good add on but doesn’t really have a huge impact.Everyone was focused on big group fights in middle instead of strategically breaking enemy formations or forcing them to make tactical decisions based on what their prospective goal is.People are camping or hanging out at the safety zone too long and causes a boring GvG experience


Only allow 10 or 15 players per guild in a single GvG map so help minimize the lag and to give guild with less players a chance.Give more objectives than just taking the towers and defending them.

Able to buy turrets from the shop and place them in certain spots on the map that will be chosen by IMC.Be able to repair them once they are destroyed.Monsters will spawn on the map that drops mats to repair the turrets however the mats are heavy and the player with the most CON can carry them with ease so be carefully how you manage the person who picks up the mats or escort your overweight guildmate with mats to the turrets.You can trade mats between players only in the GvG maps.The monsters with the mats for the turrets can only be attacked by the defending guild.Once you lose the tower all mats for the turrets will be erase from your inventory,same as when the GVG session finishes.

Turrets takes about a minute to repair or put up if you have high INT with people with low INT will take 2-3 minutes.Turrets will deal percentage damage and adds up over time and can attack only 1 person ( this is where the Tank build shines).You can aggro or taunt the turrets and there is a buff you can get by killing a certain boss that only 1 player gets to minimize the incoming damage from the turrets.Turrets will have a fix hp that will only take 1 damage and can be repaired during the attacks or once its destroyed (INT players can repair the faster).You need to destroy X amount of turrets before being able to take the tower.

Give us GvG events

  • where you gain X2 rewards on each Grade capture and not losing it once during the GvG session.
  • Grade A map has change to another Map so that way the guild that has the previous A would need to go for the new Grade A that is mostly occupied by another guild for them to gain back that sweet A reward.So that way you don’t just see guilds sitting on their own towers doing nothing.
  • A new map appears and is Grade S with great Unknown rewards that I will leave IMC to figure that one out

Safe Zone complete immunity should only last for 30 seconds once inside the zone and 5 seconds as soon you step out.The 30 seconds immunity can not be reset if you go out in the zone then back in.

The respawn back to Fedimian after you needs to change at least give us the chance to respawn back to guild tower.

Here is some other stuff that also needs to be address


  • The VGA errors that happens a lot during big battles when players are performing many skills
  • The U.I for GVG are not showing up for many players and I am not sure if its an addon that’s inferring with it not.
  • I heard players with mounts are having issues

If I get more ideas I will post it under reply

Need to set the GVG rules the same as TBL
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IMC really needs to think about GVG rewards