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Masinios, Wugushi, Prideti, and the future

Does anyone know if the Masinios crossbow, Wugushi’s poisons, and both combined affect the hit counter for the Prideti accessories?

Also, will it be possible to equip three crossbow ichors at the same time with a Legend crossbow and two Goddess shields?

I believe you arent able to use the subweapon slots if you have legend gear equipped in your main slot.

Unfortunate. I guess that idea is out. Still, I want to know if stacking all of Wugushi’s poisons at once can speed up the activation of Prideti accessories.

yep, you need 20 hits (16 if luci) to activate prideti dmg(you get a small red circle around yourself) I suggest Qs Wugushi Arba for maximum add dmg and procs, can use purple effect cards and they will count toward prideti too

I’m currently using that build and have been enjoying it. It reminds me of a bygone time when Bullet Marker was an archer class and I’d use Double Gun Stance + Running Shot + Kneeling Shot while Wugushi’s poisons were ticking.

At any rate, thanks for all the info. Quarrel Shooter has been a favorite class of mine since the beta tests, and I’m glad I can still use it today in a way that I find to be fun.

Im using an add damage, buil, i reach 63k add damage (67-80 whit some buffs) ,

Build is SR, Ranga, Enchanter.

Bleeding on cards, and damage to bleeding targets, multi hits + dot prideti actives like 1 or 2 times per second, in singus or cm, like 5 times per second, because multi hiting, i have full luci so activates each 16 hits.
My max add damaga}e hit whit 63k add damage is 3.2m here an image form a testing record.
un can see te pink aura from the prideti, also is a great build for melting tanks on pvp, add damage ignores any kind of def.

If you are luky and prideti hit activates whit the echo efect (20% chance) doubles the final damage for a nice 6.4m

Well, gl whit the add damage build, is a nice of meta buil, been working well for me, i really think it have a lot of potential.

PS. sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile: