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was too fun do that content at that time and now is just confuse to do it and i play only 1 hour in day. Its good for considerate the more content in the fields to do, i complete many collections but that ones that is impossible to did and this is the great thing in this game, contents for all the game, secret quests and other things that attract the players,
but the excesses of the end game its making this game boring, repetitive and anoying. I’m obrigate to do CMs and anoying raids, dungeons and bosses. The Dungeon itselfe become anoying and useless, the players that dont have to much time only do the CMs. The magic of the beginning of the game was lost for that contents that its too hard for did. I’m obrigated for enter in a Guild to do Boruta, Cm’s and anothers content because is impossible for do anything alone in this game. Please look for solo players, i saw the new contents in Korea and realy make me feel bad for it, looking too hard to do anything in this game, and make me depends for anothers people to do anything. Until now, playing since beta game, i couldnt do Moringponia, anyone want to carry another player that dont use Varnas +11 with 10 transcedence with all the random ichors good and ichors fix that only count for CON for the classes, the other ichors like give STR, and DEX only doenst look good. Thats why i’m making this post, for back contents that game gave to me to do and was fun and now its boring and anoying. I only want to play a good game at was at the beginning (forgeting the bugs).

“How dare they try to railroad me into doing multiplayer content in a multiplayer game. I should just be given +40 Trans 10 Varna equipment and the exact ichors that I want so that I can solo content that was meant to be cleared by several well-geared players. After all, I am the main character. I have certain privileges that nobody else has.”

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errm? what obrigated you? you can do what ever you want.

Then do the easier. Like ks the bot in baubas, do album raid party, feud, uphill, bernice…

Woww, you wanna solo Boruta??? Good luck.

You are playing ONLINE GAME, not something like card game or pure PVE offline game.

So you are telling you’re playing for 4 years and couldnt touch the peak strength? Are you invest your silver in the wrong section? Are you playing out meta build? if yes, you deserve nothing from carrying as you dont take the game serious.

Ofc they will if you’re part of a community like guild or party. Have you ever asked?

Then better field farm rather than doing “multiplayer content”. Make a silver milestone then hit it everyday.
Now if you are a trash equipment dps, why dont you take it serious:

  • be a healer leech/revive slave to actually understand how to survive in any conten.
  • be a serious meta dps which some evasion.

playing an MMO (massively MULTIPLAYER), proceeds to complain about multiplayer content…


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Did u really coplain about a game u play 1 hour a day. Sadly this is not dota or fortnite. To progress in a mmoRPG u need to invest time cuz thats what the game require from players to progress. If u only gonna play 1 hour a day would be imposible to u to match. U can keep doing the rest of collections if that what u want. But this is not maplestory2.
the game was allways like this since beta. First was Earth tower farming them primus farming them velco farming now is varna farming and vaivora farming.