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Makes gear progression less complicated

A big criticism I see new players have is that they get completely lost on gear progression once they hit end game. This has been an issue for yeas now and it only gets worse with new equipment slots being released like relics on the Korean servers recently. Good gear is the most important thing at end game and the progression to obtain it should easily be understood, so my suggestions are the following:

  • Combine all stats obtained via head gear enchants into headgear 1 instead of all 3
  • Remove awakening stats
  • Remove red, blue green and yellow gems
  • Remove all unidentified gear drops pre-level 400
  • Remove all seals except Boruta seals
  • Allow skills gems to stack
  • Re-work random stat Ichors and magnifiers completely

Awakening stats as well as red / blue / green / yellow gems haven’t been updated in years. They are not great boosts in the current state of Tree of Savior and should be removed altogether.

The biggest issue are random stat ichors and magnifiers that are coupled to it. It’s probably one of the most convoluted and unintuitive mechanics I have ever seen in a video game. Fixed stat Ichors are straight forward, but random Ichors are such a complicated RNG hell. It’s a completely turn off for players.

My suggestion to fix random stat Ichors would be as follows:

  • Identification via Appraiser shop and town blacksmith stay the same.
  • Additional random lines are added by paying 1 Blessed Gem to a town blacksmith with 100% success rate.
  • Only keep 2 type of magnifiers.
  • Magnifier No. 1 re-rolls one random stat into a different one with 100% success rate.
  • Magnifier No. 2 increase a random stat by 10% with 100% success rate up to a maximum of 3 times.
  • In order to maximize random stats you need to wear the equipment in battle.

I actually quite like the Ichor system (it’s only RNG hell if you try to get the perfect stats, but if you are fine with 75% it’s fairly easy to achieve).

But I agree that the gear progression should be simplified. There are way too many different systems and with Episode 13 even more will be added on top.

For new players it’s like rocket science to learn it all. Would be great if it could be consolidated into one single system.

Simpler gear progression means faster gearing progress, means sooner community demanding new updates, means tighter deadline for developer.

From what i saw, developer main source of income is costume/pet/cosmetic.They rather focus their resource in developing/recycling new cosmetic item for whale-bait; than focus in creating new gear which also indirectly create new unbalanced DPS mess homework for them to solve. Ergo they made those ultraconvoluted system just to update your gear (compared to rank 7 era)

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We chilling with level 12 yinyang.
If you’re gonna allow skill gem stacking and remove stat gems, then weapons should also have 1 slot like the armor slots.
Allowing skill gems to stack can be kinda dangerous with some damage reduction effects and burst skills, but i think IMC specifically went and limited Guardian from peltasta as an example to not prevent obnoxious damage reduc, and cutting down gem slots would limit the obnoxious potential.

As for ichoring. Its just obnoxious cause of how much silver you can sink when minmaxing, but overall not that bad (aside from the stupid ichor extraction rate)

Honestly, i wish we could get rid of transcendance, since we have so many other blessed gem sinks now. Granted, they are more permanent upgrades compared to transcending a weapon every new level cap.

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If I were to rework monster gems, I’d do it like this:

-Monster gems can no longer be equipped into equipment.
-New UI element, much like the one we have for cards.
-In this new screen, you’d have 4 monster gem slots, 1 for each class you have. Just to clarify, a base wizard slot would only accept base wizard gems, a Pyro slot would only accept Pyro skills, etc.
-Monster gems could be unequipped from the slots for a silver fee, without destroying the gems.

In my opinion, monster gems being sent to the shadow realm when removed is the worst part of the current system. There is that ‘gem removal ticket’ in ktos, or something like that, but it doesn’t look like we’ll ever get it :tired:

And I agree 100% that transcendance should be removed… it only serves to gate new players from content.


I wish Skill Gems worked like Cards did in RO, where even if you didnt had the skill the card would give you a lvl 1 version of that skill that you could use regardless of your class, as long as you meet the requirements

Still useful on weapons, that’s almost 2k atk that would go away…

Agreed. How many times I see beginners with mixed trash items (a magical plate top, a rare cloth bottom…) of different (and lower) levels instead of simply using the Kedoran set you get for free each time one is available… Plus rework quest drops, you still get utter trash when the drop is an item (why do you get a trash level 75 item for level 400 quest? because level 75 is the last tier with fixed rewards…)

You don’t have access to Boruta seals easily at the beginning. I’d say remove the Irredian Seals and make the Kaze seals (which are a joke) have the effects of the Irredian Seals instead.

Better: give “choose gem” boxes to DCP reward, as it is now you always get pointless crap that nobody wants and just end up exp fodder (and LOW exp that is) for other gems…

Agreed. Ichor system is ony hell if you aim for the perfect stats. Especially when you need the Nucle for things like Ark level, and most of the magnifiers you use are expirable ones. So I mainly use “decent” ichors (for example: INT/CON/evasion/leather offsetting instead of INT/CON/SPR/CR) when I can’t get the perfect one, unless you aim at being top player it’s fine. Currently you can bypass this anyway by using the 430 Dysnai equipment, which doesn’t require random ichoring, so you can simply upgrade your random stats progressively on it.

That too. Some rare gems are easy to farm (just make an alt and go farm them in the corresponding map doing a few CM), but others (the ones that appear in the level 100- maps) are probably one-time drops requiring weeks of investment farming maps daily. Seeing them vanish when you update the level of your equipment is sad.

Not really.

You can have one simple system and still have it take years to max.

when it take years to max, everyone will complain again to make it shorter, and there is no freshness value in using mid-halfway gear that you had been using for years (imagine still stuck using lolopanther bow since 2016 to 2020)

That’s a strange example (keeping the same weapon has nothing to do with simplifying gear progression), but I assume you are arguing that if you remove complexity then the gear progression also becomes more boring to you.

That can be true, but you could also design just one mechanic that’s interesting (ichors would be a good example), rather than having 10 mechanics that all just serve improving your gear and are for a large part not very interesting (seal, ark, transcending, enhancing, gem, accessoire crafting, etc.).

On contrary, i prefer rank 7 era simple gearing (+5 superior kracked shooter & karacha dagger). It is just there is no benefit for the developer by making it simpler. They intentionally make those convoluted system to buy our time.
I once made a thread to introduce evolving weapon which can grow stronger and change appearance the more you kill monsters, sadly dev version of evolving weapon is lv 4 vaivora.

This Hell gearing progression is what makes players play the game. Imagine a gearing system that allows you to gearup in just 1week or 1month. You will get bored with no goal at all. If its me, id probably take a hiatus and wait for something interesting updates then gi hiatus again, or quiting game is also an option.

we technically have that with pain barrier gazing golem card,thats the only skill related buff implemented to card,not 100% the same but almost, and then they discontinue it

i know you seems to stressout because of failing to get desired line
but honestly theres “trick” to random ichoring
its not technically trick but it actually involves managing the chance of line color popping up from different number of pools
at least it works for me
i almost can get lines i want no more than 20 sandra magnifier even less to very small number when i just being lucky
and damn sandra mag is so cheap now
it can also involve reidentify and it will be faster and less mag need but more nucles needed which i personally hate
probably someone good caring already share in this forum how
as for me sorry im just lazy to share how lol
i just like to say theres technique involved brain not only luck in this, luck still matters first but you can deduct the possibility
good luck on that one haha

What ? To lazy to share but bother with Roman lmao. Go back in mom
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Trick is to roll either all to purple or the color you want with magni to get the desired colors then reidentify till you have what you need. Green and Blue is fine to re roll with magni.
Purple have larger pool.
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