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Make Saint Sacellum Auto requirement a bit higher PLZ

SS Auto gear score requirement is 470 and is attainable with just full transcending your gears without enhancement, enchantment, awakening, set stat etc.
So many Alts spamming auto matches making it very difficult to clear, and most of the time always fail.


  1. Add requirement to have a minimum level of enhancement for the gears
  2. Add requirement to have full enchant, awake, set stats on the gears
  3. Add requirement to must have secondary weapon set

Sorry, I’m not gatekeeping the content away from newbies, BUT end-game content requires end-game level of equipment, not just half-baked gears that barely pass the stupidly low gear score requirement.

Also to add some tips, if youre gonna make an alt, make a healer instead as it does not require much investment and is highly demanded. But at least have proper goddess ichor, accessory and somewhat good enhancements on armor.

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well…or make it easier… I think it already requires enough from alts.

But there is definitely a problem there so I agree. If that’s the score needed then either we should be able to clear it…or yeah make the score higher but personaly I wouldn’t necessarily want that.

You mean like this?
This is an Alt of my guildie he uses for some extra SS run…and i dont like it.
This gear will struggle even on moring or white witch auto.

Also i dont agree with the dude above about lowering the difficulty.
I feel the difficulty is just fine as is. It just getting really hard when there is someone, not invested enough to do the raid, is in your party and leeching.

^ This.
End-Game is supposed to be hard in the first place, so adjusting it just to be playable for a weak-geared player kinda defeat the purpose.

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Well by difficulty I just mean lowering the HP a bit. Mostly When I was in parties that fail we failed at 1-10%… XD

Idk btw… I think 470 score requires decent gear. What’s decent is a matter of view point so idk. It could be raised a bit but that will make the life of new players harder too. I rly don’t feel the necessity to make the gear wall higher. I already have ptsd from the times when if you didn’t have meta build you couldn’t even rly progress because you needed the end game gear for end game content…that gives the end game gear… XD

On the pic I see lvl 10 ark, lvl 3 seal, +16 accesses that’s definitely not nothing. I see the armor is not transcended tho…maybe that should be a requirement on its own…and maybe the problem is how gear score is calculated in the first place.

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+16 accessories give a negligible amount of attack. Armor gives a substantial amount of defence and attack so not having it is costly.

Boruta Seal Stage 1 is highly overvalued in gear score.

Plz be kind, think about some new players

IMO just make it easier, I simply don’t consider auto-match content as “endgame” content and thus shouldn’t be that hard. Any new/returning player with Hot Week benefits can already do this content from the get-go. Leave the hard difficulty at Party content like Party Giltine Raid or Party Saint Sacellum endgame and let auto-match content be auto-match content, easy and a little quick to clear.

To be fair, I don’t mind either way be it increasing the gear score or lowering the difficulty. At the end of the day, I also believe some tweaks need to happen for auto-match Saint Sacellum and that I just don’t want a significant amount of my time wasted queuing and failing on auto-match content.


Auto match is there not to be “end game” because it’s a gateway for newbies to get scales and tickets to enhance their gear/make money.

So no, it shouldn’t be a higher requirement, but the raid should be easier instead.

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Remove the spear stack in automode i believe, it would be fine. In most cases, people cant clear because they are dying in phase 2 or something. Also slightly reduce the overall damage dealt from snek.

Question is: how do you enhance your Goddess equipment if you don’t have access to the only raid that provides the mats for that?

Awakening level 460 items is absurdely costly for little benefit, I don’t even see why it’s taken into account in the gear score…

Isn’t SS run counter per team? So why use an alt instead of main char?

Don’t think it’s necessary, apart from one annoying point: when you die while there’s a red circle on the field, you will respawn on that circle and die again – I’ve even seen a few times my character not even rejoin the center when talking to the Arbalester master, but the death message popping again (and each time wrecking all equipment of course). Just fixing that would be enough.

SS run is per char and there is still Solo SS which give half the rewards and much easier.

just change the weekly entries become per team not character coz Saint Sacellum is LEGEND RAID not fkin CM

Okay… I just had a new experience. I just reached 460 with a new alt… I do have trans 10 armors but no enhance and no offsetting… and it’s CLOTH… Almost anything that the boss does one shot me… XD

My other chars do have offsetting so I actually didn’t have this experience yet. Now I see it’s worse than I thought. Idk how the gear score should be calculated for this but if you do it right I think 470 can be enough but when you do it wrong… XD So this gear score thing is just not good actually…

that’s always the problem with gear score, you can’t really control random ichor. I actually do Snek on alt with t10 no enhance because I stack 4500 offset on my alt and mostly never die unless we go on extra time. Raising the cap would only cause problem for legimate healer/linker alt that currently have 0 trouble clearing it while not solving the problem that thing like ichor would be half assed put together.

it is frustating when you get low damage member that die every time, i hope they do solo instead party, there is potion like weekly boss that can reduce damage from snake raid and more premium reduction from leticia potion you can buy it from market, but this not solve low DPS player

We have no problems running in fedimian, personally talk with the players that do this if someone is running completely naked.
The raid is super easy, if the problem is others just get more gear on your char.

Well fedimian people are strong… But in tels we facing this issue :thinking: people complaining about failing coz someone is dead 90% of the run or does not have enough dps.

Anyways, its just a matter of how shameless you can be on queueing even tho you know yourself your going to be a burden. Its been more than a month since goddess patch and by now, you should know if your char or alt can contribute or just a burden.

I, personally, have 6char goddess geared with 470+ gear score, but i only queue my main dps and healer since i know myself that my other 4 char is not ready and wont contribute on the run.

Past events are enough to newbies to make one decent char… But other greedy madafakers are just shameless, making multiple weak geared char for extra runs, praying someone will carry them - and most of the time, theyre the one who will judge the party saying “dps is low, lets re”

Like OP said, this is not gatekeeping. Its more of reality check if you are able or unable.

I didn’t know that, but that explains it.

Yeah that’s clearly the thing to do, and increase the number of runs so you can still get a decent amount of scales while using your main.

Trans on armor is overrated, it’s just +24% defense on 5-7k defense, that’s a drop in the ocean. Enchants and CON are more valuable. And I don’t really get how the score gets calculated when I see identical parts with 20+ score difference when the only variable is the random ichor…

I made the check yesterday and a char that just reached level 460, so I could use succession on its old Glacia equips. After switching and crafting the remaining off slots + reapplying the ichors, gear score was calculated at 474. I went to ep 13-2 maps and could barely scratch mobs. So imagine if I deciced to use such char in a raid… Problem is having some parts that are contributing more the more you are equipped (like Boruta Seal) or having an insane value (Ark). Or having a big score for practically no influence (awakening). So the system should probably be rebalanced a bit so that the score reflects more the quality of equipment and less the quantity.

I haven’t run into too many issues with low gearscore, the issue is more that too many people are running on healers only, afking the entire run, or leaving/not respawning when they die. Gearscore also doesn’t fix people who actually are sitting at 500 or so and just auto attack the entire run, or leave provoke on and spin the boss just to troll.

This can be fixed by having a stiffer penalty for leavers and afkers, maybe in situations where more than 2 healers are in the party the penalty can be removed or something. And I mean for all automatches, not just Snake. If you leave a party or afk otherwise, you shouldn’t be able to queue again for like an hour or something. Would fix a lot of the nonsense.

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c mon narci you run with crevox you can be naked and be fine in snek xd