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Make Lycan Ears a Hair Accessory 2

Since the model is already ingame, can we take awoo a step further and make Lycan ears a hair accessory 2? The same way the game treats cat or bunny ears?

Here’s the original and a few variants:

Here’s a rough edit of how it would look like using my ingame character. :>


I got this idea discussing a̶n̶d̶ ̶r̶p̶-i̶n̶g̶ the game’s lore with my friends and another awoo-related suggestion thread from @AinsOoalGown (found here: Make hairstyle during awoo remain).

Thanks for reading! :dash:


theres actually elegant snow fox ears which is hc2 accessory
also wolf mask hc3 also nice
and if we got jtos 9 tails that will be perfect

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Snow fox ears are adorable but the ear shape of awoo is cuter in my opinion. * v * It never hurts to add more accessories so everyone can be happy.


The ktos wolf mask and ninetails accessory are items I’m definitely looking forward to when it does shows up in itos. :satisfaction:

wolf mask been around for a year maybe.
the price could be somewhere around 50m++ i guess
as for 9 tails its uncertain whether itos will get it or not
send a ticket so they know we want it

Ohh, I thought you were talking about the upcoming one. I’m aware of the wolf mask since I was playing in Klaipeda then. Will do, thanks!

thats a different fox mask along with the fox 9 tails

chupacabra ears are similar

I’d love to get the lycan hair color too…
Normal unlockable white color for comparison:

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