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Make hairstyle during awoo remain

its just we druid are all look the same in awoo mode
it all end up with hair accessory and back costume that differentiate us
so can you make our hairstyle remain and change it into white color in awoo mode?
instead of making all of us male awoo into some curly hair man and all female into some bob hair woman
well the consequences is every hairstyle will always have white variant, but cmon…
white is such a cool color for hairstyle anyway
and druids got it for free lol
but no matter how cool your costume is, you will end up wearing white jeans or white skirt if you are an thats fair.


yes please…
I don’t like male awoo’s hairstyle, it just doesn’t feel right for my druid. :confused:
pls let him have his default hair while in that form

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