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Make early game more rewarding and engaging

I guess we can call early game in ToS everything before level 400. It’s a critical topic for new players, because allowing them to rush to endgame to experience all the new content is a nice idea, but they’ll make the decision to stick with the game for the long haul way before ever reaching any endgame content.

1. The game is way too easy

Killing everything in 1 hit before level 400 is a turn off for many people. Nobody wants to continue playing a game where every challenge that gets put in front of them is easily conquered with no effort. They want some kind of challenge and memorable experience when encountering monsters and bosses in new areas, which is the bread and butter of MMORPG’s instead of seeing everything explode at sight like a Pinata. The way the game feels right now is everything in sight dies as soon as your character enters the screen before level 400. This is neither challenging, memorable nor engaging.

2. Story bosses are not memorable

One of the first things people think about when playing a new MMORPG is epic boss battles. This isn’t the case in ToS before level 400. The story bosses can be killed way too easily and the rewards are outdated and therefore killing them doesn’t feel engaging and rewarding.

3. Make new players familiar with end game content early on

There should be story quests forcing you to do level dungeons, challenge modes, hunting grounds, raid dungeons, ARTS, etc. at least once to make new players familiar with end game content and advertise party play. A simple pop-up window, that everyone closes immediately, explaining everything is not enough.

4. The game has too many maps with no purpose

A possible solution could be to turn deserted maps into fever maps or spotlights with higher monster spawn, end game rewards and boss battles as soon as you enter said maps and progress through the game. This could be done every 50 levels or so as a special event for newly created characters.

5. Your class choices don’t matter in early game

Unless you happen to choose a shop class, or run a full support build on accident in the beginning, there’s no consequence to which class or build you choose before level 400, because everything dies so easily. This was an advantage of the class circle system before Rebuild, where it felt like every circle you took mattered. Maybe it was a bit too extreme back then, so a balance needs to be found. Maybe the scaling of skill factors per skill level can be scaled down at early skill levels, so skills show their full potential later on instead of giving level 50 characters attack skills with 10.000% skill factors.

6. No items you find in early game are relevant for end game

This includes level dungeon drops, unidentified equipment, old equipment with stats, normal drops, rare drops, etc. The only exception to this rule are the rewards from finishing whole episode quests. What is the incentive to farm for new players? There are a lot of players out there that like farming in MMORPG’s, but don’t want to wait until end game to do so. Maybe this can be combined with the fever maps / spotlights I mentioned earlier where one maybe has a chance to get Practonium, Bless Shards, Blessed Gems, etc. This would also be a great opportunity to make low level Hunting Grounds more relevant again. They were intended as farming places, but all of them are deserted except the highest level ones.

7. Stat points don’t matter

Make stat point statues and potions obtained through story quests give more stat points. Why are only certain classes allowed to switch their stat points through attributes? Let’s say, if a Sheriff has a base stat point allocation of 50% Dex, 30% Str and 20% Con, it would add a lot of build variety, if one would be allowed to switch this around and run a Con build with 20% Dex, 20% Str and 60% Con instead.


Hello @rivayir,

We appreciate your enthusiasm for the game, we will forward all your concern and suggestions to the development team for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future. Thank you.

Please add or return back the blessed gems on the mercenary shop.


  1. It’s too difficult to get. If lets say you got 10 alts per day. You get 30 shards that is 3BG for 1-2hrs?

  2. It’s difficult to get again. CM elites drop them on a very rare occasion. like 4-6 sometimes nothing.

  3. It’s difficult to wait for Dimentional Singular weekly. 1 ticket is equivalent to 3 challenge scrolls.

  4. Transcendance is too expensive for a price of each “New content” weapon and armors.

  5. Crafting gears needs Blessed Gem.

  6. Enhancing Arch needs Blessed Gem.

  7. Enhancing ARTS needs Blessed Gems.

  8. Inflation in Blessed Gem price ( Ofcourse)

Our request is just return in back.

Scarcity is really a bad thing in a game.

I started a new alt recently and I’m still OSing every mob at level 230 with pardoner buffs + basic attacks. Skills don’t matter, it’s absurd.

You may remember World Bosses and WBR bosses being super-hard to fight. When you meet them during regular questing, they die from one skill. Anticlimactic.

Those two points are probably the reason you see people play for a few days then leave (easily checked when you recruit them in your guild and you never see them again starting the next day).

That’s a bloody shame because the maps and the music played is the best the game has to offer. Even if it’s boring af, I always like to stop for a week or so doing endgame content and just do some quests with a new alt. Episodes in ToS are like a good meal – it takes forever to prepare and a few minutes to eat.

Too many outdated quest rewards (what’s the point of getting level 15 trash at level 40 when you can just get the level 40 Kedorian equipment at the same time?), pointless unidentified trash (only the highest level ones matter), tons of crafting materials that are used for nothing but clogging your inventory…

Up to now, you get 164 points to distribute. Any random ichor from level 430 item will give you more than that. Go figure…

I suppose you mean “daily”. Making multiply token from 3 CM vouchers you can get from merc badge shop means doing 1 CM singularity with 2x rewards daily, which gives like 12-20 shards. Complete with some dungeon runs and you’re back to the initial BG amount from merc shop (2 per day). Don’t think they’ll revert to 5 per day unfortunately…

I agree. Having to t10 every item for every char you play each time new items are released is not bearable. Even if you wait for the 50% off on even-numbered event.

a game that provide a ticket to 430 for 99 tp, which is 20 lv away from max level certainly not gonna do this

they intentionally made it ultra easy so anyone, with knowledge and guides, or monies can catch up real quick(and get bored real quick as well cause theres only grind wait for them)
with combination of guides, knowledge(best build to level, best map,what to do at each milestones etc etc), good events of burning weekend(and prevously free cm resets which is quite key components but still doable as theres also freebies one from another source), monthly events, new account freebies,small investment of silvers,and carry or season server as extra, reaching 430 in a day is so darn possible

i ll say they intentionally made experience of leveling from 1-430 like your first day of beating poring at prontera field

its a sad truth and yeah its boring,and not challenging at all
its memorable but not that much, cause i can still remember grita turn into phoenix, how a goddess which i forgot the name sacrifice her life to seal gesti,how we recently spin wheel of fortune destiny or whatever just to select which mobs to fight,how giltine steal the prophecies slate that never been in my storage, and yeah…
1-430 is just for story wise experience

they kinda say “congrats for completing the stories, your challenge start here from 430,by challenge i mean go find some vv and archstone now, or wait till we provide in soon-tm cube”