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Make Arch Stone fragments local drops in episode 13 fields

On episode 11 fields, you could farm planiums to craft endgame equipment, but for episode 13, you cannot farm anything towards your equipment.
In general the field farming is dead since

  • no silver drop
  • low mercenary badge drops (3 per monster at that monster density just makes it useless to farm)
  • emergency quest rewards are lame 99% of the time (why no drop of items that can increase the maps reputation you farm on, for example Relief Supply Bag - Lemprasa Pond when you clear the emergency quest at Lemprasa Pond)
  • monster density is low ( for monsters that die in 1-2 hits to spread out on the whole map with most screens having less than 6 monsters on them) and respawn time is high (you bait players at beginner maps like West Siaulai Woods with high mob density and spawn rates but at endgame fields are empty and respawn times are high)
  • no skill gem drops (endgame maps no longer hold any value towards gem farming, no gem abrasives, no skill gems to gain)
  • no collections (collections are now costumes only that you have to buy for points by doing non-field activities, since field drops cannot be traded in for points, except for planiums; you want players to go back to episode 11 maps to farm?)
  • unidentified equipment drops are useless (you can farm them at a higher rate at lower maps because of higher mob density, and their market value decreased a lot; the enchant jewels created by dismantling them yield bad values 95% of the time either way)

To bring back field farming on episode 13 maps :

  • introduce a 0.02% drop rate of Arch Stone Fragments on all episode 13 maps in the local drop table (use the separate local jewel drop table that exists for hunting grounds so it isn’t affected by looting chance)
  • change the emergency quest rewards to contain Relief supply bags at a 5% rate
  • increase mob count or respawn frequency of monsters on episode 13 maps

Thank you very much for reading


Botters: hehe yeah boi…


Seriously; The no more silver drops outside of cm/ds hurts the game like crazy just because IMC doesn’t want to deal with bots.

emergency quest rewards are lame 99% of the time (why no drop of items that can increase the maps reputation you farm on, for example Relief Supply Bag - Lemprasa Pond when you clear the emergency quest at Lemprasa Pond)

OH GOD THIS! Brand spankin new episode, MEGA CONTENT UPDATE, and emergency quests aren’t improved? Give us something else, 1000attr, briks, MS, BS, but nooooo.We gonna stick with TALT!

monster density is low ( for monsters that die in 1-2 hits to spread out on the whole map with most screens having less than 6 monsters on them) and respawn time is high (you bait players at beginner maps like West Siaulai Woods with high mob density and spawn rates but at endgame fields are empty and respawn times are high)

And the exp is just unbelievably low that exp farming (while farming for some other stuff, daily rep and whatnot) on fields (plus the crap emergency rewards) just deters people to actually populate the map besides cm/ds spots.
The current best way to gain exp is to spam DG400 and IMC KNOWS THIS, just look at the packages they been selling; almost always has DG reset and DG multipliers.

increase mob count or respawn frequency of monsters on episode 13 maps

And please make all channels have the same mob density; Plenty of times I go to 1 channel (0/0) and it’s crickets, I move to another (0/0) and it’s a moshpit. What’s that about?

introduce a 0.02% drop rate of Arch Stone Fragments on all episode 13 maps in the local drop table (use the separate local jewel drop table that exists for hunting grounds so it isn’t affected by looting chance)

IMC will NEVER allow this (I hope they do :3); But at least give us some other useful stuff. Like i mentioned before, Briks, MS, BS, Prac, Tome Page, SILVER?.. y’know, USEFUL STUFF.

Adding to this, please add a new higher level Hunting ground. I don’t want to go back to sewers to farm resources and whatnot.

I’m sure I’m not asking too much since the channels/servers themselves (I’m in Tels) are SUPER DUPER STABLE anyway. blergh

EDIT: Oh, and the popup that shows up whenever my player even glances at a dropped mercbadge is still there!! AT LEAST REMOVE THE POPUP!! I NEED TO CLICK THINGS!


I think Skill Gem Boxes (the ones you get from DCP) could also be a worthwhile drop that could be added to episode 13 maps. Since adding specific gems to the fields just favors those classes that use those, and skill boxes makes it fair for everyone.


Woods of the Linked Straggler Trees… gives an AoE II vibe when I have to clear this map for reputation points.

Not only on episode 13 maps, but everywhere. Up to level 400 there is no need for them at all, you just use Kedorian stuff it’s enough. After level 400 you just want Primus for your random ichors, Berthas is simply not worth it and Primus almost never drops.

By the way, what content gives chance of arch stone or fragment at this time if you remove Lepi/WW hard? Considering that I didn’t see any in almost a year now I’m just wondering if the chance still exists somewhere…

I’ve gotten frags from DCP. And u can get stones from the wbr boxes (im assuming frags might drop in those aswell)

For Arch stone fragments, there is Lepi/WW normal and automatch (in automatch the chance is ultra low and only applied when you have a Token active), Lepidoptera Junction: Legend (Solo) (from stage 3 on), Dimensional collapse point ( stage 10+) and Tel Harsha (stage 1-3 have the same chance, it rises from stage 4 on with increasing difficulty), as well as Division Singularity and its automatch feature (i’ve gotten one fragment from automatch 2 weeks ago so I know for sure).

For Arch Stones, it’s White Witch/Lepi automatch with token, White Witch normal, Lepi/White Witch hard


Raids and weekly content;
Tel harsha;
Automatch content

Edit: other sources are Goddess Grace and weekly boss raid cubes, but they don’t account to anything reliable and the info seems messed up/changed regarding the reward cubes, no idea which one might have fragments and/or full arch stones now…

Wow in fact it’s still a lot of stuff. If I summarize, considering that I don’t have an endgame char strong enough for the legend solo raids or a fixed party for the hardest ones, there is still a chance with:

  • Lepi/WW auto (4 per week)
  • DCP (11 per week)
  • Sole Hunt (4 per week?)
  • DS (14 per week)
  • WBR (1-3 cubes)

But the chance is probably abysmal seeing that it has been months without any drop. I can imagine the rate being the same as getting a hat accessory from those Infrorocktors…

yeah, a lot of chances, but if the chance is very low, there is no point, and even if you get one per week, it’s 10 weeks for one bracelet and 20 weeks for the necklace, so even if there was a guarantee, it would take about a year of full work to get these accessories done.

The only thing that would justify this is the low rate one can earn the scorched belongings, but Karaliene itself works without being Lucifieri,so being time gated here until one has enough resources to directly advance into Lucifieri sounds wrong…

i have calculated the most efficient way to get Arks/Lucifer legend Accessory:

  1. wait until year 2022 when Arks/Archstones become a part of a TP package.
  2. wait until year 2023 when archstones become less than 50m silver.
  3. Wait until year 2024 when Legend Accessories/Arks are given free in Event.

If only the content gave other rewards when you don’t get archstones so you can buy them- oh wait.

Seriously having come back in December none of this is as insurmountable as people make it out to be. Is it a slow process? Sure but you build to it. Even if they gave you 4 arch stones right now you’d be running your sole hunt weekly + merc badge voucher for a minimum of 18 weeks. People just like to spend their time complaining instead of working. Hard moth is not very difficult anymore. With the package we just got, Ep12-1 gear, and vaivoras, the only thing stopping people from getting 7 talc powder each week with a chance for archstone fragment, full stone, violettin crystal, or full kara piece is people’s attitudes.

WW also not terribly difficult anymore and having killed Pbeta this past week it should trivialize the fight a bit for struggling parties.

This is the content you can run that gives frags/stones

Klai Prices

  • Lepi Solo (16M)
  • hMoth (12M)
  • WWH (24M)
  • Singu (28M+mats)
  • CM (44M+mats)

That is 124M worth of loot each week guaranteed from silver, hearts, and talc powder. Sell all of the excess mats and a bad week should still come out around 150M. So why can’t people complete their Kaira/Luci in the 18 weeks as previously established as necessary for all your tel harsha loot? This doesn’t include the mats from auto lepi/ww and their chance at arch stone (rarity won’t’ effect you if you opt to ignore the content cause it’s too low to bother)

If the issue is finding a party, join a guild that likes to help its players because there is no entry limit on anything I mentioned except singu/cm. All the raids can be run again and I’m sure some folks have downtime.


you assume that everyone plays on a highly populated server and has time to do all that stuff during the mean times of frequenting. You assume that enough items are sold on the market that everyone can get all his endgame gear. Every player has the need to get enough Arch Stones,regardless when or how often he plays. The current options do not cover the possibility of people playing at odd times, taking breaks or having social obligations.

It also considers not the fact that one might need the materials for his equipment. You cannot sell excess you do not have.

You’re mainly stuck at around 70m worth of silver + some cash on the side from loot you can actually sell (excess magic stones & practoniums mostly). Sorry I’m not playing on Klaipeda, but that amount of money cannot buy me an Arch Stone Fragment. Even if it could, if everyone would buy them, the price would rise and the market was just empty again or filled with 100+m Arch Stone fragments.

All I want is a reliable source of arch stone fragments everyone has unlimited access to 24/7 so progress is possible regardless of being able to fulfill equipment tiers for auto-matching or raid clearing. Being in a guild & getting carried by geared people cannot be the solution to reaching endgame in this game. The fields are the best option because they are dead while always accessible, allowing grinding your equipment whenever you feel like it, while not punishing people too harshly for not doing IMCs 20 contents that aren’t fun but just draining the fun of playing the game from you.


nonono … i got those hats from infro easily now … they’re not rare anymore XDDD

如月: Make archstone farmable at field!
IMC: Granted!
Botter: Infest all 5 channel of all ep 13 maps!

如月: Add more channel!
IMC: Granted!
Botter: Call reinforcement!

如月: Make the archstone frag untradable!
IMC: Granted!
Botter: Make full archstone then sell at market!

如月: Make the full archstone untradable too!
IMC: Granted!
Botter: Incoming an army of ark&karaliene equipped botters!

如月: Kill all bot!
IMC: Err… how?
如月: Give me authority to kick any bot that i encounter
IMC: Granted!

Some days later out of nowhere a gravestone appeared inside Bokor master’s house
Here lies a patriot who quit out of exhaustion fighting endless bot instead of farming arch stone frag

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Dropping archstone on field will likely invite an army of bots, harm server stability, and overall game experience. Farming shinobi quest mats or battle bracelet on the same map where a ton of bots farm the same thing in front of my face, only to sell to me in market when I give up competing with them, feels really bad.

There are many ways to meet the demand of archstones (or frags) besides dropping them on normal field maps. For example, IMC can provide untradable archstone (or frags) through events, quest reward, login reward, AJ reward, gimmick reward, etc. IMC can also create alternative path of gears, or alternative ways to craft the same gears we have that doesn’t involve archstone, which will in turn reduce the dependency of our gear progression on archstones.

Being the game developer and the game master, IMC has the absolute power to alter things in many aspects and dimensions. Dropping archstones on field, and potentially risking bot attacks and spinning up additional servers to deal with them, should really be their very last option, if not out of their idea pool.

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They can make arch stone fragments gained by field farming untradeable by default and make them tradeable against a high amount of money (like 50% of market price or so, 30-40m) so bots cannot abuse them.
You cannot justify not dropping Arch stone frags in the field simply by the possibility of bots obtaining them. Bots can only really abuse drops when they are left alone, and IMC already put so many restrictions in place.
The problem is simply that they do not fight bots aggressively enough in an active way by sending GMs around to ban them on sight.

Players need reasonable sources to obtain endgame equipment status. IMC decided that you need at least 6 full Arch Stones, so the sources need to be there, not just via entry count-gated content that on top of it has a very very low chance of dropping that item you’re looking for.

One recent Korean user on the official KTOS board also wrote about it fittingly, you need all these items and materials but they are nowhere to be found as a new player, especially the golden ichor extraction kits (they don’t even sell them via TP packages if I remember correctly) and the Arch Stones.
What profit is it to a newbie that White Witch Hard or Moringponia hard can drop Arch Stones when you cannot participate other than by “taking the bus” (a Korean colloquial term for getting carried by stronger players)?

This game design is faulty by default, high tier contents(White witch forest&moringponia normal/hard,res sacrae dungeon,Dimensional collapse stage 10+,Tel Harsha, giltine raid) should drop res sacrae gems/materials,blessed transmutors (for goddess/demon sets lv 2 &3) and the similar items for vaivora lv 3&4 + lucifieri materials, mid tier content (episode 13 fields, CMs,Singularity,Unique raids,Misrus, Dimensional collapse stage 9 and below) arch stone fragments and arch stones as well as goddess/demon sets,vaivoras and other legend equip materials, and low tier contents (level dungeon, old legend raids, episode 11&12 fields) crafting materials for all the ichors in spe, the mystic tomes, item awakening, enchanting, etc.


In the end they’ll probably decide to fill the demand by putting archstone fragments in gacha or archstones in “ark” TP packages. We’re at the same spot as 4 years ago where you could get one Practonium per character and each endgame piece of equipment to craft required two of them.

as long as the cost of a single Arch stone does not exceed 100 TP I’m not against this form of monetization. The current way to get to endgame status is RNG-grind combined with relying on the luck of other players who sell their progress in return.
At this point even arch stone fragments sold by bots would not hurt the economy but help it instead because more people would come to endgame status faster, increasing the demand for vaivoras, goddess and demon sets, glacia hearts (trying to get +21), legendary cards, nucle powder, sierra dust, mystic tome pages,etc.

Instead of selling materials that do not hurt the market like arch stones, they rather feed the whales tome pages, magic stones, blessed gems, blessed transmutors,etc. that actually affect the market much much more if they’re batch-released in the hundreds cheaply.

People will still abuse them. Besides, what should be the drop rate and price ratio? What if people completes their gears, get bored, and quit?

If you think X% drop rate and Y% price will probably work, and people are probably gonna be happy like you, you are putting many people’s jobs at risk on those “probably”. Will you be responsible for their lives if TOS imploded?

Any design decision comes with subtle parameters that may have profound impact on the game. You and I do not bear responsibility for those decisions, so we do not get to make them either. People who spend a ton of time to force “opinions” upon others online while being completely free from the consequences of their “opinions” are commonly known as keyboard worriers.

A lot of people on the forum say: IMC could just do X, IMC could just do Y. Sometimes I thought the same way and agreed with them.

But I won’t come to forum to make it a big deal and type long replies to everyone who disagree with me, cause it’s not our business to make the game better. I simply play the Korean MMO that is expected to be time- and RNG-gated. When I am trolling happily with friends in guild, I continue. When I am bored, I quit. Simple as that.

But you did tho…?
That is literally sanctuary guardian meme worthy