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Main DPS Class to Pick

I’m trying to decide what would be the best main dps class for Archer if I could only have 1, I plan to pick Wu and Piper for the other 2 classes, so among the DPS classes, which would be the best to select from (Ranger, Mergen, Musket, etc)?

Definitely not mergen. Mergen has quite high cooldown and relies on falconer’s circling.

Not ranger either. It doesn’t have much good dps skill.

I’d say cannoneer. At least cannon shot has low cooldown.

Depends largely on what you want to do at endgame.

Wugushi is primarily an AoE class and Piper is primarily a buffing/PVP class. Musket would fit well if you plan on PVPing, but mergen would be good for PVE.

Mergen benefits from falc, but it’s not a requirement. Wugushi has plenty of skills which will fill time between mergen CDs.

If you only want to choose 1 weapon, then I would recommend Fletcher Wugu Piper and make use a Masinios Xbow ichor. It’ll help with both Wugu and Fletchers DPS through dots. You will maximize your Wugu potential with this weapon.

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Assuming I went fletcher, hows this look? Can anyone comment on how useful Bane is? It seems eh?

Bane is Poison Pots best friend, atm i have 1 wide miasma. Also you should put atleast 1 point in barbed and divine, also multi shot with masi xbow is really good.

Please explain Poison pot + Bane synergy

Poison pot pool last 15 seconds indefinetly and damages enemies every half second, enemies debuffed by Crescendo bane increases tick rate by another 50%. With combo, Poison pot will damage enemies every quarter of a second while still lasting 15 seconds. Poison pot is not like the other poison skills that increase tick rate but reduces time, which still amounts to the same damage.

Oh i didnt know that about poison pot. Great ty