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Magic mobs ruling the world

Especially elites. Hits you btw 500-1000 hp every time. Can’t block/dodge. Ofc ppl will say “i resist sometimes”. Ok Cleric, we’re all proud of you you invested in tons of SPR. Is that the only way to “mitigate” magic hits? it’s just impossible to clear some quests alone, and some quests without cleric and heals in general (hello lvl 172 top map Namu with gg lizard mage).

Can we, please, either lower hit values OR give defenses to players for magic like dodge/block for physical?

I’m a solo player Fencer lvl 259 atm.

I expected this to be about the 5k damage per hit magic mobs at r8 maps, keep leveling and it will get a lot worse


Only 500 - 1000 hp? lol.
When you go 270+ maps magic mobs hits you 4000-5000 hp and
archer mobs with spiral arrow 1 hit kill you even if you have decent con.

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maybe you just need more m.def gear.

things like this is just out of sense. Let me explain why. I’m not capped lvl. So i’m not getting “best” gear right? So what do you suggest, investing more CON to survive? Ok let’s do it, now you deal less dmg, so mobs can continue hitting you with 100% chance to success since it’s magic. As i said, either lower magic mobs dmg or give players the possibility to mitigate it correctly. And see what ppl are replying. Some trash mobs can even OS you. Is that intended? I don’t think so. It might be a korean game or w/e you call it. It’s still ridiculous.

So “get more this” or “get more that” wont solve it. I’ve already pretty decent mdef (389 if i remember well). And even with pardoner buff (+140 mdef) I was still taking retard dmg in storage mushroom mage, althought this area is ok in party. And i’m not talking about fking freezing mages…

@lilouille1231 is absolutely correct. The enemies just get even more powerful post 280, but they’re right about it being difficult even before 280.


I am wondering is it useful if we wear cloth armor…But I always wear plate armor so dont know the effect.

Assuming magic dmg deal from mob is 1 to 1. you can cut them down to 2k with cloth then.

The key issue is there is still sprial arrows and worse cause triple arrow on 280+ that can 1 shot you with 700 pdef. 17k hp flew in a instant. in TSC

The game is getting too hardcore. O_O


The game forces you to party /just to do quests/ when the game itself is dying/losing new players.

What would happen if we would need to reroll (say…R10 in the future) and eventually you would have no one else to do the quests with you on these maps.

Yep, go back to grinding and ignore these maps, at least that’s what most people are doing now.


:scream: yea meh… oh well at least i have peers to play together. More often i am seeing shouts for quest clear i guess it’s a good thing?

There are enough skills that make you invulnerable for a certain time so it’s not really a wonder to see mobs getting stronger more than moderately.
If this goes the way the old Ragnarok Online (pre-renewal) went, it’s an obvious choice to keep the game interesting.

In RO, you had to level/farm on monsters that were ± 10 levels below your characters level, otherwise, you were more like a roadkill for most monsters.
The main problem is that most classes in TOS can’t mitigate the incoming damage very well (which was possible in RO due to the cards that reduced up to 30-40% of the damage you got from an enemy, wether it was physical or magical).

This is why I suggested they alleviate the card drop rate and make the card system more flexible. If I can grind cards and switch them up often I would probably have the mentality of:

“all you f!@# boi mobs want to mess with me?, Oh you got high matk now do you? Ahah take these mdef cards you f!@#in b!@#$%”.

Then switch them out again when I want to go bossing.

The thing is you should want players to work hard to be able to solo party content but make it reasonably hard within the systems that are in place. Also stat resets should be in the TP shop and pretty expensive in the silver shop. This would keep people playing and would allow people to make stat changes depending on the content.

Circle resets are a bit more difficult to manage but I think they should be available up until level 200.

With all these in place people have no excuse to whine about the content and IMC can make monsters as brutal as they want.

IMC wants you to gitgud and be a hardcore player in a casual game :joy:

Where is it saying that this game is casual?

Well, honestly I like the idea to “force” ppl to party for GRIND, not for quests. And you can specify party up with a “cleric”, nothing else. 2 swordmens won’t do much difference. 2 archers won’t insta-burst 300k hp mobs. So you still get hit anyway. I never played RO, and don’t know about this “card system”. I like the one in TOS, but I hate the fact that if u want to swap, u get down leveled. It’s ridiculous. It’s hard enough to lvl 1 card lvl 10, so 7 or 8 cards will take some times, just as gems. Getting downgraded on something is just not a good thing for gamers, everyone hate that.

Anyway. If i can’t go on maps higher than 280 to quest, and if I can’t grind alone due to evasion sh1t / magic mobs, what should I do? Slay those 4k mobs hp that gives 0.001% exp per kill? It’s not hardcore, it’s suicide. I love grinding, but not at this rate. Even grinding in party started to be boring as fk (hello storage).

i dont have fun until i die in r8 map it absulute boring just running ad kill all whit one hit, the fun fact it realize that need help or forcce you to grind your chart no only in lv but in gear and estrategi for beat dificul mobs and boss, you chill for 1000 hp are 4 quest boss than can kill you in one magical hit of 30,000 of damage good luck keep try

If you’re talking about pre-renewal RP, that’s not ture. Pre-renewal you were able to level on any monsters you wanted, some level 20 mages went against lv 60 clocks and stood a good chance against them, some lv 9X knights grinded on level 44 Bathories for their levelups, without any level-baed EXP- or damage penalty.

So the game and monster strength should be entirely based around invulnerability skills?
What about characters and/or parties that don’t have any invulnerability skills due to not going the meta route?

In my opinion, having so many invulnerability skills is a bad thing in the first place, because it makes it stupidly hard to properly balance mobs where monsters still pose a challenge to a party with possibly perma-invulnerability but don’t steamroll parties who don’t have access to such overpowered buffs.

this is quite ironic considering wizard players are suffering from unreasonable high mdef mobs.

@haukinyau1 requesting ss of mr. kimm’s ‘casual’ statement.