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Lv 430Vaivora bow VS Pbeta bow

which do you think is better?

Vaivora Bow

AoE Attack Ratio ▲3
DEX ▲218
Critical Rate ▲730
Barbed Arrow Skill Level ▲3
Bodkin Point Skill Level ▲3
Barbed Arrow now ignores the target’s armor type and always hits 5 times.

Pbeta Bow

STR ▲140
DEX ▲160
Critical Attack ▲1330

Gain 5 stacks of a buff when using Leap (lasts 10 seconds).
When you use an attack skill, consume 1 stack of the buff and gain +60% damage for 1 second.

Pbeta. It is more usefull for all bow-like archers instead of just Fletcher.
And the lack of crit rate seems compensated by +60% damage.

i think the same. Need to insert leap into the starting of the combo and adapt to it

Pbeta Bow

That sweet, sweet 60% dmg buff.

I hate it. I use leap very selectively, it’s an amazing skill that helps defensively and positionally. To use it to trigger more dmg, is dumb.

Other weapons just get straight dmg increases without this kind of trigger. Why can’t it be like musket where if say you use mergen or ranger skills it will activate the buff. It’s honestly really dumb to force bow users to sacrifice like this. There’s no reason why it should be linked to leap.


The lack of crit rate compesated by the pbeta trinket for 12% crit rate.