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[Lunch Costume] Chrysaint // Klaipeda


Please do not leave a comment, Bl*e_Sorrow, you give me too much grievance.

Just playing around on ideals (plus they’re the wrong size)
Good Luck Everyone~

tosaggghhhhz tosaggghhhhzz


“You’re already bread” comes to mind XD


oh wow bread wpn ;O naice~


Please do not leave a comment, Ble_Sorrow, you give me too much grievance.*

You really do not read and comply do you…


Been lured back by my friend news and I’m like… ???; I… I didn’t even formally submit this with the correct requirement… :sweat_drops:


Miscellaneous Sketches Included

A freshly baked baguette that is warm and fluffy to eat. However, don’t leave it uneaten too long or it’ll become a “breadly” experience…

Gimmick: Eat a freshly baked loaf of bread.