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Lottery 1.08.2020 (Fedimian server)


I am organizing a big lottery on the Fedimian server this Saturday August 1st at 11.00 AM. Indeed, I am leaving TOS and I would like to help you in your progress through this. I offer many lots, so do not hesitate to come and participate in this event!

  1. How to participate? To register, write your nickname at the end of this post (you must be on Fedimian and have an active token)
  2. When is the event? Saturday August 1 at 11.00 AM (server time)
  3. Where is the event? Guard graveyard (end of map)
    To access the event, you must wear 10 spirits :

(you can get these spirits by killing my monsters in the area, i.e. 10 monsters)
One you reach the second part map, go to the end of the map

  1. How is the draw going? As you register on the forum, I will assign you a number, for example the first post will be number 1. When the registrations are closed, I will update at the end of this post: the number of participants, the number for each participant with his nickname. I remind you that each person can only register once, except for the members of Maid cafe who register for the event (in this case they will have 2 number)
    Ex: Abion (1)
    Albero (2-3)
    Lycrosses (4)
    Charis (5-6)
    ect …

For the draw, I would use a software which allows to randomly output a number between x - x
I would announce the prize, in the order of the list and the winner once the software gives me the number !
WARNING : when I announce the number and the name of the player, if the player is not present and does not answer “quickly”, I restart a draw for this lot

  1. Until when can we register? Friday July 31, 11.00AM (you can’t participate anymore)
  2. +: Members of the maid cafe guild benefit from 2 numbers (but only if they register)
  3. Anyone can win, and one person can win multiple prizes (RNG, again?)
  4. What is the list of lots? below

Rank C

Twilight Star royal costume (Male)
Premium snowflake costume (Male, 3 roll)
Platina Dafne costume (Female)
Varpas Necklace
Candy Killer Rascal Costume (3 roll)
1 drakonas lyynki set bracelet recipe
Toy fire extinctinguisher
Task force police costume (female)
Antras tantalizer set (whitout wings)
Antras moringponia set (whitout wings)
Zaura set (2 parts)
1000 talts (x6) (6 roll)
Chafer Card lvl.10 (x3)
Devilgloves Card lvl.10 (x3)
Rajapearl Card lvl.10 (x3)
Prison cutter Card lvl.10 (x3)
150 monster card album red
150 monster card album green
1500 mithril, 1000 ruby
Helgasercle Hair
Blut chair
Elder trinket with 10,7% pvp damage

Rank A

Roasted Turkey balloon
Kaiju helmet costume
Headchef Costume (deputy male + head chef female)
Jungle explorer costume (male + female)
Audra Staff recipe (rare)
Temere Rod
15 awakening stones
15 misrus chain recipes
Nuaele Costume
Red Armband
Tasseled Armband
Zaura Card lvl.10 (x3)
Nuaele Card lvl.10 (x3)
Marnox Card lvl.10 (x3)
Meteor skill gem
20.000 lvl.15 condensed SP potion
Magic stone (x10)
Twinkle rod
5 Weekly boss voucher (1 roll)
25 practoniums (1 roll)
Darkness of Mirtis
Wonderous Greave wisdow recipe
25 legend raid portal stone (1 roll)
Enraged Misrus legend card

Rank S

50 Ominous spirit crystal, 340 ominous spirit fragment, 470 ominous spirit mineral, 460 ominous spirit piece -
Scout seal lvl.2
Appearance items (whisk pike x2, wine glass, whisk spear,pepe shaker two handed mace)
Demon Lord blut Legend Card lvl.3
Dragonfly armband
Dionys armband
Rexipher Legend Card lvl.3
40 sandra magnifier (1 roll)
2 Red gem lvl.10 (2 roll)
2 Green gem lvl.10 (2 roll)
Rasha card lvl.10 (x3)
Rexipher Wings
500.000 nucle powder (5 roll, 100.000 each)
500.000 sierra powder (5 roll, 100.000 each)
12 Shining ruby anvil
1000 raid portal stone (2 roll, 500 each)
5 red gem lvl.9 (1 roll)

Rank SSS

Pantorex card legend lvl.5
Skiaclipse Legend Card lvl.5
Moringponia Legend Card lvl.5
Hair costume lot (many hat, 1 roll)
Magic stone box (1 roll, 100 stone inside)
(Speed Wagon set) 3 hair costume with +1 movement speed (1roll)
(Aoe set) 3 hair costume with +1 aoe ratio (1 roll)
Hauberk Doll


Goddess Gem Mega Box (500 gem inside)
Seal swordsman lvl.3 + cook toy (3) + paperbox + Blood Daguer
(Ready for battle) 8 ichor for physical character (2 perfect)
(Knight set) 15 ichor for pvp character (Top/bottom/shoes/gloves/pike)

Rank SSSSS Jackpot :scream:

(Zucken’s soul)

  • Knight costume + helmet
  • 3 headgear physical attack (perfect roll)
  • Very rare red decoration boater
  • Kitchen table popup book x2
  • 5500 small elixir of SP +1000 small exilir of HP
  • 400 portal scroll
  • Boater
  • Skiaclipse set
  • Many monster card lvl.10
  • 10 try of sandra magnifier (on item of your choice)
  • 20 try of sandra detailed magnifier (on item of your choice)
  • 100+ Skill Gem
  • Kaloo hammer
  • Popolion headgear
  • Perfect ichor two handed sword for witch raid + Vaivora two handed sword ichor
  • Full set ichor anti-Mutant for witch raid + Full set anti-insect Moringponia

The last rank cost around 2B5 silver

The lottery will not take place if I don’t have at least 25-30 participants, and the maximum number of people who can register is 100 (maximum channel)

And please, don’t sign if you’re not on fedimian server, TY !


Well, just a formality, but here is my registration, hope i can make it!


I’m here also just for a formality, hope all go well whatever u do after.


Gl with anything u will do after leaving the game, stay safe and healthy!


I already miss you man T.T


Goodbye and goodluck in life then


Welp, sad to see giant leave the game cause of bad devs - gl hf in future games!

Soaring Arrow

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Sad to see you leave Zucken, stay safe and dont skip leg days


You will be missed, but i respect your decision. Stay healthy :slight_smile:


Rare player that I really appreciate even though we don’t talk. Good luck and enjoy a better time outside :+1:


Always will remember you as fair player in Feud. Have a good time!


Will miss you , Mr T. !!!zooozooo


Well, that’s a nice gesture on your part. Good luck on your next endeavors, and have fun.


Oh, Zucken really leave a game (((
Good luck then!


I hope you enjoy your time off from ToS, farewell.


Kimok, Sadpepe, Maru Lemon NUDES.

From Poutou with Love


Will miss seeing your scores on WBR Zucken!


poposad >.<, sad seeing you leave for good.


Be Fedimian savior, make Maids have less chances instead :slight_smile:
Occurred :slight_smile: