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Lost New Player - Alchemist Help

Hi friends,

I recently broke my hand and have been looking for games that I can still play one-handed. ToS is one of those games! I used to play and loved Ragnarok Online, and I am looking to make a viable solo character here in ToS that is also valuable in a group.

I have done a TON of research, but it is very hard to know what I can trust as current information with all the patches.

I have a level 75 Alchemist and am looking to chose my next step. My wants are as follows:

  • viable main for solo content and CM
  • not a burden in groups / someone players want to group with
  • preferably some combination of my preferred classes

After researching, I feel very sure that Alch>Pyro>Ele/Tao is a very strong build due to the synergy between the last two classes. I don’t mind these classes really, but strongly prefer not to copy cookie-cutter builds if I don’t have to.

The classes I am most interested in are:

  • Shadowmancer
  • Sorcerer
  • Sage

These were some of my build ideas:

  • Alchemist>Sage>Shadowmancer
  • Alchemist>Shadowmancer>Sorcerer
  • Alchemist>Featherfoot>Shadowmancer
  • Alchemist>Pyromancer>Sorcerer

Just some ideas - please let me know what you experienced players would suggest. I really want to play the classes that sound cool to me, but I would much rather have a strong (not gimped) main character as I will likely not be making any alts.

Thanks so much!

By going alchemist, you already gimped yourself. There are reasons why many players call the class “alchemistake”…

Shadowmancer (my favorite class) is also trash-tier. It only has 1 good skill, Hallucination, while everything else sucks. Most classes got buffed recently, but Shadow only got a very small damage increase (while other classes do 3-10x the dmg they did before), and some skills were nerfed…

Sage is better than Shadow. Does ok damage, has some useful skills. But most of its uses are for pvp, there are many better classes for pve. If you really like the concept of Sage, by all means go for it, just dont expect to be a top-tier class.

Sorcerer is pretty good. Works best with Necromancer+Featherfoot. Just keep in mind Sorcerer and Necro gameplay is more than just waiting for your summons to hit stuff.

In my opinion, the best build by far to play with 1 hand is SR-Corsair-Thaum. SR is very easy to play, Corsair gives big damage buffs, while Thaum makes it very good for farming. But this is not a wizard build, so I imagine you are not interested in playing it.

Just don’t go Alchemist on your main character…

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Thank you for your reply! But oof, that sucks to hear, haha. I really love the Alchemist so far.

I would prefer not to make a new character if I can help it, and I do love being able to make potions.

Is there any class that would actually benefit from having an Alchemist, or is it really just that crappy? Would I able to salvage the character by turning her into a support, or by giving her two very strong damage classes?

Thanks so much!

its not crappy but it has it own purpose which is yellow class group which means not really meant for dps or even support but more of crafting and making money.
green gonna beat this class in suppport and any red will obviously beat this class for dps

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I like alchemist on my Onmyoji with Genbu Shield to restore SP but it is rly not in a good shape right now.

Afaik alchemists didn’t get any sfr changes on its damage skills with the latest big update…just like some other support classes… so all these classes are quite behind from others for now in damage…

Also we are waiting since ages for a homunculus update what could be the true power of an alchemist but nothing yet… :confused:

Unfortunately imc agrees it seems… but tbh a crafting class shouldn’t be worse than others in battle… it should have its advantage with its creations that could be easily solved with nice attributes…

…although homunculus was a nice way to do that too but it didn’t work that well unfortunately… I hope an updated version will come soon.

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Thanks for all the replies! Great to hear what people think.

Sadly, I am hearing that my character is just going to suck as a main? Is there anything I can do to salvage her and not have to make a new char? Could either of these work?

  • Alchemist>Pyromancer>Ele
  • Alchemist>Pyromancer>Onmyoji
  • Alchemist>Necromancer>Sorcerer

I don’t need her to be min-maxed, I just want a main that can craft, set up shops, and safely solo content (even if slower than other maxed characters).

Thank you all!

You don’t need to delete your character, just keep leveling and wait for some event when you can earn class points to change ^^
If I were you I’d go Pyro-Onmy just to level up and then you could pick another class that you like or reset all if you don’t fit into pyro-onmy-x build.

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I would go with Sorcerer and Necromancer, invocation classes seems perfect for your condition.

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i would suggest one of top build involving alch which is easy to play

i would take ele early then pyro so you could get that easy meteorx5 hit
but onmyo will do as well with more aoe and fg scroll for your meteor still
and if you are really new i would not suggest sorc or necro unless you ready with some good cards for summoning and good spr

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Thanks everyone for the advice - really appreciate the help!

I am torn between Alchemist>Pyromancer>Ele and Alchemist>Sorcerer>Necro, but I am happy to not feel like this character will be a waste. :slight_smile:

If I can get the right cards, would Sorc>Necro bring enough to the table to be a solid main for soloing and group play? If not, I would glady just go with Pyro>other.

Thanks everyone - I play League when I have two hands, so it’s nice seeing games with a helpful community! :slight_smile:

Both are viable choice. I played alchemist - pyro - elementalist prior to this arts update. I also had to choose between pyro - ele and sorcere - necro.

In the end I go with pyro - ele because I like the gameplay better. Necro - sorcerer gameplay involves summoning which does not interest me. Also affect ppl with bad ping when too many summons adds to the lag.

That being said this may be a selling point for you due to your 1 hand playing handycap.

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Play what you enjoy. Everything is viable besides a few classes in extreme end game content. Everywhere else it doesn’t matter, just have fun.

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Thanks! I’ll probably go the Pyro route then, I think, for the AoE!

How does Featherfoot do? I kind of like the idea of trying FF>Necromancer or FF>Shadowmancer.

For Alchemist, you really need 2 other classes to make up for everything that Alchemist lacks.

I would suggest these few

  • Pyromancer + Elementalist: Many already point out that this is a really good build. Probably the strongest 2 because both classes have really good AOE and also high damage. Prominence ARTS + Flame Ground are really good AOE dps skills, while Fire Pillar is a great CC skill. All of Elementalist’s skills are really good so you can choose whichever you want. I would recommend at least Meteor (ARTS) and Storm Dust (also Hail at least level 1)
  • Pyromancer + Psychokino: If you prefer more crowd control, you can choose Psychokino in place of Elementalist. Heavy Gravity allows flying mobs to get hit by Flame Ground. Magnetic Force is a good crowd gathering skill while Gravity Pole is a strong CC skill as well.
  • Psychokino + Onmyoji: Onmyoji has the biggest AOE in the entire game. What makes this combo good is that FireFox Shikigami boosts Gravity Pole to make it even stronger
  • Onmyoji + Warlock/Shadowmancer: If you really want a Shadowmancer, I would suggest taking Onmyoji then. It makes up for the lack of AOE Shadowmancer and Alchemist have, and Yin Yang Mediator boosts your dark damage even more. Warlock would be a better dark option than Shadowmancer.
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Thanks so much! Love your post - great info!

I really like the idea of Onmyoji. What skills would you recommend I focus on? I really like the idea od Alch>Onmyoji>Shadowmancer or Alch>Onmyoji>Psychokino.

Also, it looks like Onmyoji has a lot of cast times, would Alchemist>Onmyoji>Chronomancer be a good idea for faster casting?

Thanks, everyone! Really appreciate all the advice.

Sorry to double-post! Just wondering how people feel about Runecaster?

It looks like the class has some really good AoE. Any builds use Runecaster?

For just PVE, I would max Yin Yang + Tiger (level 14) + Toyou + either Greenwood or Water Shikigami. I prefer Greenwood for DOT damage and CC. Water Shikigami is a more instant burst. 1 point into Firefox Shikigami if going Psychokino just for the boost for Gravity Pole.

For a main char, Chronomancer wouldn’t be too good because it is going to be another class that lacks damage and AOE.

Runecaster is actually pretty good. It has good AOE and damage, but loses out to Pyromancer/Elementalist/Onmyoji because those 3 classes have strong damaging ARTS. Runecaster cast time is also longer. Rune of Rock and Justice is however pretty strong. Rune of Destruction have magic defence break debuff. I have a Runecaster which I intend to combine with Terramancer in future just for fun as a ‘Earth Mage’ but it is going to be my sub char.

Overall I really like Psychokino + Onmyoji combo. If you take this route, no need to get Yin Yang Mediator attribute because you have no dark skills to boost. There are enough skills that are strong enough and short cool down enough to continue skill rotation. During your skills cooldown just use Gravity Pole as a channeling skill to wait for your skills to finish cooldown. This 2 classes is also good for PVP so that’s a plus, but some would recommend adding Genbu Armor for PVP. I’m not sure how nerfed it is because I rarely PVP

I’ve started an Alchemist recently just to make those potions without having to go to the market every 10 seconds. It’s so nice to be able to make 2000 pots at once and then forget about it for a month.

After a rought start (well the first 80 levels can be cleared with Magic Missile anyway), I chose Rune Caster as second class because I wanted something able to help me level up and clear CM level 100+ (because I intend to finish completing my collections – got a dozen left to clear). It is really fun to play. Since your Alchemist has close to no damaging skills (the two are ok for levels 1-100 but basically irrelevent afterwards), you can forget about them by… using Rune of Giants! You spam Rune of Destruction, Rune of Rock and Rune of Justice… while stomping on your enemies’ face!

How are you supposed to “spam” 3 skills with 2x 30s and 1x 40s CD? :tired:

Y’all are so helpful - thanks so much for all the replies! I am stuck deciding between active AoE and summoning. I think I want either:

  • Alchemist>Necromancer>Sorcerer
  • Alchemist>Onmiyoji>Shadowmancer

Two totally different playstyles, I know, haha. Would both of these options be viable for all content (solo, group, CM), or would one be better than the other?